Thursday, May 9, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust "Vespa" - my first textured polish!

As I said, I'm thoroughly in love with all my new Zoyas, so that made choosing which one to wear first somewhat of a nail-biter. (haha, J/K!)

So in order to enjoy as many as possible, I decided it would make sense to use Neely as undies for Vespa, and since FeiFei has some of that green shimmer, I would use it as an accent nail.
I also wanted to try a bit of an experiment with base coat again, so I only put my Revlon base coat on my right hand (since it'll get the most use) and applied Neely directly to the nails on my left hand.
Oops, back up a step - after taking (more like peeling . . . I know, it's a HUGE no-no) off my Revlon Royal jelly sandwich, a fair number of my nails were rough, pitted, and . . . flaking?; also I have relatively big ridges in my thumbnails, so I used this amazing 7-sided nail file to buff the worst of the unevenness out.  I know Essie said she's not a fan of this kind of file, but I used to have something similar when I was in high school and would buff my nails to a polish-like shine on the bus ride to school.  I loved it!  So when I was at Target last weekend, this file fairly jumped off the shelf at me.  :-)  So glad I got it (for only $2. 86), as it gave me a really nice surface for this mani.

I realize now this sorta looks like my pinkie is broken, but I really wanted my gorgeous "Adrift" ring from Lia Sophia in the photo. ;-)
Aaaand this perspective makes my palm look abnormally wide & flat like a flapjack! 
This mani consisted of 1 coaters all around - that's how good Zoyas are!  One coat Revlon Quick-Dry base (RH only), then one coat of Zoya Neely, followed one coat of Zoya Vespa, and one itsy bitsy coat of FeiFei on her own little accent nail!  And actually, FeiFei is over the top of Vespa as I always, always forget that I'm going to do an accent nail! lol
Application was great on both Neely and Vespa.  I definitely think you'd need 2 coats of Vespa if you used it on its own, maybe 3?  I did decide to do two coats after the photos just because I wanted it to feel more texturized.  Oh actually, my pointer finger has the two coats in these photos.  I added one quickly at work because there was a patch that was driving me nuts.
I think the dry time was the same, maybe a minute or two better than other cremes, but the finish to Neely is SO glossy all on its own.  Vespa didn't take very long to dry down to the grit either - maybe 5-8 mins?  I'm pretty sure I could've still dented them at this point, but they were definitely dry to the touch.
I'm thrilled to have selected Vespa as my first textured polish!  The color is really beautiful and definitely unique for this finish/type of polish (so far).  And the amazing silver glitter flecks really do make it seem like pixie dust!  Oh, one random comment - I love the texture of the cap on the Pixie Dusts.  The others were all the standard, high-gloss black.  This one has almost a velvety rubber feel to it.  Random observation, I know!
I'm interested to see what the durability of this finish is like.  It seems like it should grip my nail well and stay there for a good long time, which I wouldn't complain about . . . it's a beautiful polish!

Color accuracy with NO editing?!?! Say WHAAA . . . ?!
Oh my gosh, and this pose rather gives the effect of  having 6 fingers!  WOW . . .  I guess my plan of experimenting with poses to find "mine" did not turn out so well!  Oh well, hopefully you guys were entertained by my awkwardness! :-P

The amazing file!
I feel a Sesame Street vibe: "Today's 'show' brought to you by - the letter 'N' for nail file, without which the good base for this mani would not have been possible."

All in all, I'm a big fan of the textured trend.  I've been feeling my nails all day long, and making other people feel them! haha
Oh, and another handy "feature" of textured polish: it can double as a nail file in emergency situations!  Ok, ok, yes, I've got to be pulling on your leg (MOVIE REF!) - textured polish is NOT  by any means 100-grit sandpaper, but I had that thought today & it made me chuckle.

Thank you for hanging in here with me 'n my crazy self!  :-)


  1. Oh yes, that's the file I kept having to buy every month. I did like it, I just got sick of it getting dull right away. I like the buffing part too:) I've never used a base for a PixieDust, great idea! Funny post, it feels like I am sitting in the room with you! Love your writing style:)

    1. I hear ya. I'll hafta see how long it lasts for me. Thanks! Necessity is the mother of invention, right? Well, it's necessary for me to figure out ways to conserve my lovely Zoyas. ;-)
      Awwww, I'm glad!! I love writing this way. :-D Nothing better than feeling like you're with someone when they're actually miles away. (ok, well, there ARE better things, but yeeeahhh . . .)

  2. This comment was brought to you by the letter P for pretty combo! :) I can't wait to see all your Zoyas. They're my fave too.

    1. Haha, the Sesame Street bug is contagious. :-P And thank you! I thought it was pretty stunning too. :-) But with Zoya, that isn't hard. ;-)

  3. Lolol, Brought to you by the letter N :D You're so funny :D Sooooo in case you're interested in not having to buff, you might consider using something like Duri Rejuvacote periodically (or on a daily basis... some gals have problems using it with each mani, but I don't and my nailses have done nothing but get stronger). I'm a chronic polish peeler and this stuff keeps my nails in great shape. This comment brought to you by the letter U, for unsolicited advice XD Also, Vespa is so pretty on you! The textured polishes do wear remarkably well.

    1. Lol, thank you!! :-D I love to be humorous.
      Hm I might hafta try that Rejuvacote stuff . . . strong nails are always a good thing! Where does a person get it? Oh yeah, I definitely have a tendency to peel off my polish. Oops. :-/
      This reply is brought to you by the letter A for appreciative of the unsolicited advice. ;-P
      Thanks! However, I didn't do much - Vespa is just pure amazingness.