Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tragic news: A trainwreck in Zoya Arizona

While trying to decide on a title for this post, my first thought was: "Wanna see something disgusting?"  A co-worker asked me that a couple months ago, to which I replied: "Who says YES to that?!" :-P  Well, in a way, I'm posing that question to you, dear reader.  This post isn't for the polish lover who is faint of heart, but if like me, you have a smidge of morbid fascination with hypothetical trainwrecks, then by all means, continue reading.  You've been warned.

The first horror: removing OPI Malaga Wine.
POLISH MURDERER!!  Have I mentioned how much I hate deep red polishes?
Yes, they're sexy to wear, but a nasty mess to take off.
I've been feeling rather blah and uninspired this week (our lovely monthly visitor just might have something to do with that!) so let's just say this mani did not help with that one bit.  First of all, I have to say, the COLOR of Arizona is awesome - the first time I saw it, I knew I wanted it, and I'll for sure wear it again, but some factors are going to have to be tweaked.

Ok, not so bad . . . a lovely Zoya creme formula
A little worse (note bubbling on far side of pinkie)
P.S. I added the famous Pure Ice Heartbreaker on my L hand just to see if it'd look cool -
this also changed the color a bit since HB has a tinted base.
(name that movie line!)
Ugh, it looks like my nails have acne with all those bubbles . . . and the dents/lines: don't even get me started.  This was almost a full 24 hrs after I painted them.  I can still make lines in them now if I press my nail tips into the surface.  I'm sure it was all my fault though.  I'm willing to bet I didn't let the 1st coat of Arizona dry long enough before moving on to coat 2 (this is a two-coater, IMO, which does make me happy). 
Who knows, maybe there were humidity factors that came into play as well.  Either way, ugh.  I still can't believe I wore this to work today.

Oh in case the nastiness didn't cause you to completely overlook the accent nail, that's Jindie Nails' Fantastical, which is pretty fantastic and I'm excited to wear it as a full mani. :-)

So, I know polish blogs are supposed to be all purty and perfectly showcase amazing polishes, but I felt like I should share not only the good with you, but also the bad & the ugly.  Thank you for sticking with me!


  1. I hate being a girl sometimes, my friend nicknames that monthly visit "Aunt Flo" LOL. I have had numerous bad and ugly times with polish too, I think we all have! One I wore had a shimmer to it but during removal this transferred all over my hands (no idea how) so I had shimmery hands for ages afterwards! Totally puts you off the polish as well! Oh well, better luck next time! :) x

    1. Ahh yes, I have heard that nickname before! ;-) I hate when she comes for a visit.
      I hear ya about the shimmer - when I took off my Zoya Pixie Dust mani, the pixie dust element was QUITE evident, all over my hands! Thankfully it washed off with a brisk rubbing.
      Thank you for stopping by, and for the well-wishes. :-)

  2. So the funny thing is that I had nearly that very line in my first draft of my post today, about getting the good, the bad, and the ugly. My first two batches of photos were seriously heinous and I could not get one decent shot of Gayle by itself, but I was so sick of messing with things that I was going to just put up heinous pictures and be all, "SORRY, MANN!!" Then I did my accents and repainted my index and middle fingers but didn't really do a bang-up/any job whatsoever cleaning up after myself so my index finger looks like your Malaga Wine removal shots IN THE FINAL PICTURES and I left it like that and said nice things because my original draft and photos didn't entice anyone to click through my Julep link and I figured I should at least TRY to sell the thing a little bit. And it ws so nice, what you said about my nails looking pristine beause that totally warmed my heart and made me feel good about my photos today even though the truth is tht I totally settled... he point of all this is that EVERYTHING YOU WROTE IN THIS POST WENT THROUGH MY HEAD AS I WAS WRITING MINE. :) :) And about Arizoa... Do you read Scrangie? She does these April fool's posts, and a couple years ago she did a post on polishes that look like condiments and Arizona got the designation of nacho cheese and that imagery has unfortunately stuck with it/me. Bottom line, you're awesome. Sorry this novel of a comment is all about me.

    1. WOW. I posted my reply to Em at the exact same time as you posted this, so I saw the MASSIVE block of text pop up as the page refreshed - it literally made my heart jump (in a good way!) :D
      So you're telling me those photos I saw were you SETTLING?! I don't believe it. Like I said, they look perfect to me, and I surely don't see any purple staining like the red blood spill that's on my fingers at the beginning of this post! Ohhh trust me, you enticed me to really WANT to sign up for the Julep boxes, but my polish budget is stretched to the max right now. :( (I've been going a little nutso!)
      I'm SO glad I warmed your heart! yay! I refer to that feeling as "warm fuzzies," something I know I've said in some of my previous posts. :-)
      Haha, how WEIRD that we were both ridin' the same thought train yesterday! Although you exercised self-restraint and I just said everything that came to mind. :-P Ooops.
      Haha, yes, I totally did read that post by Scrangie. I believe it was that she was making her own line of flavored nail polish. :P lol! Yeah, I think the color is spot-on for a packet of Kraft mac n' cheese powder.
      Awwwwwwwwwwww, thank you! Now I've got warm fuzzies! And no, your comment wasn't all about you, Mrs. Awesome-er! Here's my novel of a reply. :-P

  3. That first pic looks really good...I wonder what happened?? I didn't have any issues with the formula...just the color. It really did look like nacho cheese fingers on me. :P

    1. I think I was just too impatient with my right hand...I always do my left first, so it had sufficient drying time between coats...clearly the right hand didn't.
      Hehehe! Yes, it is rather bright and ultra cheesy in some lights! But I love it. *tempted to lick fingers

  4. Weird? I doubt it was Arizona...I wouldn't write it off completely. I've had problems with nail polishes looking bubbly or rough and I wondered if I didn't get all of the previous nail polish off or something like that??? I've been liking orange nail polish lately but now Liesl ruined it with her Nacho Cheese Comment:( LOL

  5. Yeah, I'm sure it wasn't Arizona's I said, I'm impatient when it comes to drying time. ;-)
    It is a lovely orange, IMO, and actually, I think it's really close to that Peter Som Zoya you had on your blog a little while ago.
    Hahaha! Have you read that particular April Fools' post by Scrangie??? It's pretty hilarious.