Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Zoya haul-ette?

Hi everyone!  Despite being ridiculously tired (ridiculously as in it's ridiculous how horribly my brain is functioning right now - thank God for spell check!), I am SOOOO excited about the Zoya polishes that I got from the Earth Day Exchange deal. WOW.  I've tried 3 on my nails so far and LOVE them all!  I wish I'd had the complete color chart they send in all packages when I was placing my order 'cuz I surely would've bought more than 5 then!  Hahaha, my bank account is probably very glad I didn't, but seriously, HALF OFF Zoyas?!  What a deal!!!  Gotta say I can't wait for Earth Day next year - forget planting trees - I'm gonna save the planet, 10 Zoya polishes at a time! ;-)

L-R: Neely, Vespa, FeiFei, Daul, Reagan
I edited this photo a bit to make it as close to shade-accurate as possible.
The cremes do dry darker on the nail - Reagan is definitely NOT magenta!

I'm sure you polish addicts can understand this:
I'd been watching the FedEx tracking information and it said my package had arrived in my town on the 6th, well, what the heck were they doing with it?!  Why were they estimating delivery on the 8th?  I forgot that seemingly every stinkin' UPS or FedEx package that comes here gets handed over to USPS for actual delivery.  They don't call it snail mail for nothing.  So I barged in there, explained the situation, and stood there 'til he went and searched the pallet.  Victory was mine!  :-D

My *star* attraction . . . 'tis true that out of focus shows the sparkle better
P.S. It really looks like this on the nail, and definitely glittery indoors!
Outdoors, in the shade.  Color accurate.
The colors in her shimmer are AMAZING!  Best purchase ever!
There's a coppery gold, champagne pink, medium purplish, and definitely dusty green shimmer.

Calming, creamy pale dusty mint green
Haven't worn this yet, but I did a tiny swatch on some white cardboard, and it definitely looks to be a juicy raspberry creme. As I said, it is NOT magenta IRL.  Sorry, I couldn't adjust this photo enough.  They all look like this, probably because it's so highly pigmented.
It's like a bottle of royalty in the palm of my hand!  The gold glass fleck shimmer is SO prominent and perfect in the bluish leaning purple base.  I plan on wearing this over Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? to conserve it.
This pretty color accurate
The raisin-y/plum version of Daul.  I almost got one for myself too, but just bought it for my roommate instead.
These are the polishes I picked out for her.
L-R: Faye, Kimber, Reece, Karina

 What amazing polishes Zoya has!  I'm officially in love!  <3


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    1. Why thank you!! :-D Two - no wait, 3 of them actually, were thanks to your posts! (Reagan, Neely, & Vespa) I was really considering Dannii too, but it think the sparkle is identical to Daul's and I wanted that deeper purple base.