Sunday, September 29, 2013

Twinsie glitter gradient with my BFF!

Hey ladies!  I'm pretty excited to show you this today.  My first attempt at a glitter gradient!!  I was trying to come up with ideas for something my best friend would want to wear with her stunning outfit for a friend's wedding in Chicago; a wedding for which she played piano and sang, and her husband officiated.
So it needed to be stellar.  And since she's a pianist, it had to be executed in a way that would ensure staying power.
After showing her a couple of my ideas that I'd done on those clear Sephora cellophane squares with fingers outlined on them (maybe you've seen them in stores now? They're for testing out the polishes :-), something in what she was describing made me show her this mani:

ALL credit goes to!
Her response: "Oooh! I l♥ve that!!" ;)  So the next night I set to work on my own nails so I could practice the technique and test drying times on a couple different options of reds and I wanted to show her another color just for the sake of variety. :)

The difference is almost inperceptible; I have Zoya Karina (2 coats) on my thumb, Sally Hansen Unbreakable Heart (2 coats) on my pointer & index, and Zoya Daul (1 coat over OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI?) on my ring and pinkie. Personally, I love the extra glitzyness that Daul lends to the gradient, but Michelle opted for the classic red - her favorite nail color. :)

Don't ask me why, but there is some optical illusion going on making it look like I got the red all over the side of her ring & pinkie fingers. It's not, I promise.  So, pay no attention to the optical illusion behind the curtain and focus on the loveliness! ;)  (and a gold star to anyone who caught that movie reference)
I will however make the disclaimer that for some reason, my photos are not showing the warmer tones that Zoya Karina has IRL. :( I did try to edit and color correct them, but it still came out more of a dull, cool brownish tone. :-/ Grrr!  I'm so sorry, readers. :(

Both of us together!!! :D  ♥  This was SUCH a fun night... I gave her a full-on mani/pedi complete with foot soaking and massages. I love doing that kind of thing with/for my friends!

To execute her mani with staying power, I started with one base coat of Orly Bonder, then 2 coats of Sally Hansen Unbreakable Heart (a rich, vibrant shimmery cherry red with tiny gold microflakies), and then I took a tiny triangle of makeup sponge and using a tweezers, I sponged on Essie Set in Stones and Milani Gold to add more depth to the effect. Then I covered the whole thing with Sally Hansen Ultra-Wear Top Coat (the box says "Salon perfect finish up to 10 days. Guaranteed."  They're the same bottles as the Salon Manicure line with the silver caps).  

Oy. Trying to photograph two peoples' hands in the same frame is NOT as easy as I thought!
Not to mention I was laughing so hard my hands were shaking. :P

Aaaand apparently my plan and the polishes worked because I talked to my friend on Friday and she still had no chips!  I did the manicure the previous Wednesday and she'd played piano on Sunday morning and again for the wedding. :D :D full work days of typing. WIN!  Oh, I forgot to add, I had her take top coat with her and put on a second coat while they were driving the next morning.  It was about 11 pm by the time I finished doing her mani (and the matching pedi - I did the gradient on her big toes :), we were super loopy, and after the photo shoot, we were done for, so the 2nd application of top coat had to wait!

My hand, chillin' out in the background ;)  SO hard to get both on the exact same plane

I hope you enjoyed ogling the prettiness - I know I sure did!  Seriously, I was constantly admiring the extreme flashiness of Set in Stones in the fluorescent lights at work all day, every day I had this on. ;)
And rest assured, there will be future twinsie manis because I (&, hopefully she) had a blast doing this!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Shark's Cove chevrons

Hello lovelies!  Awhile back - too far back, I'm ashamed to admit - a dear, sweet blogger buddy sent me a total surprise package with not only one of the Julie G Gumdrops polishes I'd been desperately wanting, but also Julie G Shark's Cove! :O  I could NOT believe it!!!  Melissa (a la Lacquer Reverie) is seriously amazing - and so incredibly thoughtful! :D

Ever since I received that sneaky surprise package, I'd been wanting to use both polishes as they're seriously beautiful, but you know how it goes...we addicts are constantly getting nail mail and sometimes without an inspiration to use a certain polish, it gets lost in the stash!  Well, I finally had some sort of epiphany last night, because I decided how to use both Julie G's AND Julep Nan which I just got off eBay.

Ta daaaa!! :D  It'd been awhile since I did some legit nail art, so it felt really good to do this.  And I really love this combo, if I may say so myself.  I did two coats of OPI Nail Envy (the original stuff?) that was a gift from another friend who no longer uses it, two coats of Shark's Cove, a thin coat of Seche Vite, and then I used scotch tape to make the "main chevron," and finally, freehanded the tiny bottom and side triangles.  Thanks to Liesl, I seem to have a thing for double accent nails, so I showed the chevrons some lovin' with hearts using Julep Nan & a bobby pin. L♥ve 'em!! ;)

The bottle didn't really catch the light in this pic (shoulda paid more attention, Emily, tsk tsk), but Shark's Cove minty green base is positively packed with silver microflakie shimmer!  Yummm.  The first coat was quite sheer and had a tendancy to get bald patches (at least it did over the Nail Envy base), but a second coat covered everything quite nicely.  I really can't speak about the dry time, because the humidity here is still  making every mani take a million years.  For real.  It's a good thing today was Sunday & I had no plans, because I did this at a snail's pace.  -_-
No offense, teensy tiny nail snail!

Julie G Gumdrops Blueberry Fizz is positively amazing in my book!  I like it much better than any of the other blue texture polishes I've seen, and I really love that it has so much silver sparkle and even small silver hexes in it.  The name is quite perfect, I think. :)  Like most texture polishes, it dried within about 5 mins, which was a nice change from waiting and waiting and waiting for SC. (Shark's Cove, that is...not Santa Clause)
And I actually managed to get a good bottle shot in the sun to showcase all of that happy sparkle! ;D

I did put another thin coat of Seche Vite over the pinkie and ring fingers, but opted (for now) to leave Blueberry Fizz in all its textured glory.  I might decide to SV it in a couple days because I've never done that before, but have seen many swatches that show them both ways, and they're sometimes more amazing with a top coat.

I really need to start doing tutorials for my nail art...then again, there are SO many already out there!  I actually used this one, not because I had no clue how, but because I usually do better with a visual aid as a reference.

Ohhh Julie G (by Jesse's Girl Cosmetics), how I wish you were available in drugstores near me!  :(  I live in NW Minnesota, and apparently this brand is moreso in SE and NW United States regions/drugstore chains like Rite Aids and such.  Ahh well...that's what our amazing fellow bloggers are for, right?!  I think we'd all go to great lengths to help eachother get polishes we're not able to get ourselves. :)  I know I would be willing to help a girl out!

As you can probably tell, this is in the shade. ;)

And finally, we have Julep Nan.  I don't know exactly why, but this Nantucket brickey terracotta orange-toned red just spoke to me from the moment I laid eyes on it here.  Reds are usually something I shy away from because of their horrible tendency to stain and simply because they don't do much for me.  It's like, oh, a red...meh. ;)  But I REALLY like this one!  I'm SO glad I found it on eBay with the make an offer option, because I got it still sealed for half the price, shipping & all.  My momma taught me to be a bargain shopper whenever possible! ;)
At the moment, I can't say much about the application nor the dry time of Nan because I just dabbed & spread it on with a bobby pin.  I assure you, I will be wearing it as more of a full fall mani very  soon!   

Well, since I can't seem to get snails off my mind, I give you the requisite parting humor photo:

BAHAHAHA! :P  Hopefully you'll be thinking of this guy while getting up for work tomorrow & he'll make your Monday much more tolerable. ;)

~ ♥ Em

Friday, September 20, 2013

100% dotticure, 100% fun!

I have played around with dots before (some of you might remember this manithis mani), but I've never done a full-on dotticure.  So the other night I busted out a bunch of fun, vibrant cremes and a super sparkly foil and just went for it!  I thought the colors looked awesome together in the bottles, but I wasn't such a fan once they were on my nails in tiny dots. :-/  I'm not entirely sure why...maybe it just felt too kiddish for me?  My inspiration was this dotticure from The Polish Playground, and I think I like her color palette much better.  Feels more grown up & refined!

I used one coat of Sinful Colors My Buoyfriend on all but my ring finger, which is two coats Sinful Colors 24/7 (no undies) which I will again tout as the perfect chalky neon pink!, then used Zoya Arizona, Essie Mojito Madness, My Buoyfriend, 24/7 and Skinfood Glipop Pedicure Sparkle 05 (annoyingly "named" yet gorgie South Korean polishes!) for the dots. :)  All sealed with some Seche Vite.

In an uncharacteristic move for me, I'm only showing you one photo of this mani, simply because I didn't really love it.  I think it might have to do with the fact that the first thing that popped into my head once I had it all done was: Día de los Muertos sugar skulls.  e.g.:

Yes, this is a cookie, but you get the idea.

I hate skulls.  Can't even believe I'm putting this on my blog! :P  Anyhoo, maybe some of you will find this super fun and awesome...  if anyone wants a dotticure for Día de los Muertos, come see me!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Skittles for Essie - A tribute

As many of you probably know, Essie of iHeartPrettyPolish has announced that she is stepping away from blogging, possibly forever. :(  HUGE sad face!  But I'm also very proud of her for making a hard yet necessary choice, for her well-being.
In honor of her fabulous style and famous skittlette combinations, some of her blogger buddies and I (Melissa of Lacquer Reverie, Christine of Polished Marvels, Liesl of Liesl Loves Pretty Things, and Dani of From Polish, with Love), inspired by her manis, hatched a secret plan to create our own skittlettes to celebrate & appreciate her & let her know she's loved - whether or not she is blogging - and will always be an inspiration. :)  So here's to you, Essie dear!!!! :D

Each polish used in this mani has a story.
Thumb: Zoya Reagan
I first saw it in one of Essie's posts, and was convinced it was the perfect raspberry creme. It is.
Pointer: Essie Sand Tropez
This is especially special - the polish that started my & Essie's friendship. :)  I had commented on her post about this polish, saying I was looking for the perfect nude, and she graciously offered to just send it to me because it wasn't right for her skintone.
Middle: Butter London Victoriana
A brand-new acquisition as of yesterday, highly recommended by Essie as one of her all-time favorites.  I can totally understand why!
Ring: Julep Trina + Hit Polish Retro Chic (now d/c & 40% off, fyi!)
Essie included this one as a little surprise when she sent me Sand Tropez, which was unbelievably first introduction to what a great group nail bloggers are!  I topped it with Retro Chic because in her skittlettes, she usually did a blingy accent with a Shimmer polish.  Having none, I improvised & I think the colors of glitter in RC go well with the cremes. :)
Pinkie: Essie Mojito Madness
Another one I saw in an old post of hers.  I fell in love with the shade, and despite my trepidation towards greens, I had to have it.  Boy, am I glad I saw that post!  This polish transports me to a tropical isle every time.

All of these polishes have top-notch formulas, easy two-coaters (some only one: Reagan, Trina, & Mojito Madness), and they dry super  shiny!  I only put Seche Vite over the glitter accent nail.  For real!!
*Note: I did use two coats of all except Trina & Retro Chic simply to ensure the highest quality for this post.

My blog would probably not exist were it not for her.  Here's an email excerpt of her prompting me to start one: "Well maybe you should have a blog. :) Let me know if you need help starting one! I'll be your first follower. And awesome that you are in Minnesota. That's another reason you need a blog, I have no other bloggers in MN that I know about. :( I'm lonely."
Once I decided to take the plunge, she gave me SO much support & countless helpful tips, like turning off the word verification thing for comments, nail & cuticle care (including her own routine), and a helpful guide to painting your nails neatly when she saw how frustrated I was getting with it. :)

I want to thank you SO MUCH for being a part of not only my hobby blogging life, but also a real-life friend - even though we've never met.  You're a wonderful person whom I feel so privileged to know.  I wish you all the best in life & in blogging, should you ever decide to come back. :)  ♥

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A different kind of guest post!

Today I decided to try something completely different in the world of nail blog posts: a non-blogger guest post! ...or maybe it's not completely  different, since there's nothing new under the sun, right, King Solomon? (Bible ref.)  :)  I have a dear, sweet young friend (whom I always forget is young because she's very  mature!) & is probably the only person I know in real life who also gets excited about nail polish like I do - for the most part - she's not as crazy obsessed as I am - so, this summer during the production of Fiddler on the Roof that we were both a part of, I would continually show her my nails and bring her polishes from my stash to try out.  I HAD to show her what indies were, right?! Of COURSE, right!  You may remember my post featuring Liquid Lacquer's Dirty Watermelons + ChG neons, well, that weekend, I let her borrow those same polishes.  Let's see what she did with them, shall we?

China Glaze Highlight of My Summer, ChG Pool Party, HOMS, HOMS, all topped with Liquid Lacquer Dirty Watermelons

I know, the lighting is not the best, nor is the focus, but her ride was about to leave, so we had to snap a couple of pics super fast! ;)  Isn't her design ABSOLUTELY adorable?!!!  Breanna, you got some wicked nail art skillz, chica!  I believe  that was all freehand.  Well, and a bobby pin for the dots, if I remember correctly?  I just think this is such a fun mani, and Dirty Watermelons is perfect on the tips! :D  You go, girl!

I love how she did the dots the opposite color of the tips.  Details like that are what count!  I think she used my Sally Hansen base coat, then probably two coats of Highlight of My Summer and one of Pool Party since the formula was much better on Pool Party.  Oh dear, it must be my bedtime!  I almost wrote "Poop Party!"  :P  Embarrassing, but I had to share it in hopes it'll make you laugh. :)

I couldn't resist including this: here's Miss Breanna, (navy flowered dress) doing an UHmazing job "balancing" the bottle on her head for one of the Fiddler wedding scene dances.  And executing some pretty fancy footwork, to boot!  Seriously, there is no way I would've been able to learn that choreography in the time frame that they learned it.  I've gotta say, it was SUPER hilarious, watching two burly 40-something year-old men doing near-ballet moves.  But THEY even learned the choreography better than I would've though! Ohh the shame! ;)

So what did you think of a guest post (of sorts) from a non-blogger?  Would you like to see more of Breanna's nail art?  I was thinking maybe I would have her  do the write-up next time, so it would be more along the lines of a typical guest post and you would get the "hear" her voice. :)

Yawn.  Okay, bedtime, my dears!!  And Happy Friday! :D

Monday, September 9, 2013

Ch-ch-ch-changes + Chaos (of the Alta Costura variety!)

I'm sure by now you're completely perplexed, wondering something along the lines of: "what on earth is this Must Stachey blog thing that I have no recollection of following/subscribing to?!"  Well, that would be because you DIDN'T!  You'd never know it now, but this blogspot used  to be home to Uña, Dos, Tres...N'stuff!  I don't entirely know why, but one day I decided I really wanted to give my blog a makeover.  I guess women get makeovers sometimes when they're in a slump & feeling kinda "blah," so why not apply the same logic to my blog?  I guess I  was moreso feeling "blah" about blogging, so a fresh look is definitely invigorating to me. :)

Although I must say I felt a twinge, leaving my "Spanish based" name behind because Spanish is such a part of who I am and I love that, but I do think the blog evolution (blogvolution?) is natural & for the best!  
The new name came to me one day whilst I was pondering how my stash - not to be mistaken for my 'stache because I DO NOT have one! - aaanyways... pondering how my stash has grown exponentially over the last 10ish months, and the fact that even though I have so many amazing untried polishes, I KEEP BUYING MORE!  Although I literally sat & watched an Enchanted restock yesterday and didn't buy anything (she didn't restock the 2 I'm saving myself for), so I am giving myself a pat on the back for that. ;)

I really hope you enjoy the new look as much as I do, and please feel free to give me feedback!  Ok, enough current events: on to the MAIN event!

This is from an indie brand that was totally new to me...I scored this beauty on a blog sale.  Alta Costura Vernis does have an Etsy shop, but it seems the maker doesn't keep anything in stock?  Never really seen that before!  However, if it's more of a hobby than a livelihood, that makes sense.  Anyhoo, is this not a super fun polish?!  It certainly lives up to its moniker (Chaos).  I'm such  a huge sucker for neon glitter, it is not even funny.

Although every time I use one of my neon glitters, I wonder why I like them so much, because I am compelled to use only a white base and the white I have is the biggest pain in the butt EVER. Seriously, I was about to throw the bottle across the room when I was doing this mani!  I've heard that Milani something something White is a good one, so maybe I should just get that & set my current white aside for doing that 3-D spun sugar effect.
This is one coat of Chaos over the evil white.  I think I did do a bit of dabbing to get some of the bigger glitters where I wanted them, but the smaller ones didn't give me any lip. ;)

I think this photo does a good enough job of showing the different types & colors of glitters, so I hope you'll excuse me for not attempting to list them all! haha
Oh, I will make mention of the opaque medium matte not quite neon red-orange hexes (there are two on my middle finger, for a point of reference)...they're something I've never seen before and I think they're rather fun and definitely add uniqueness and yes - chaos - to the mix. :)  
So, I used them as my "inspiration" for my non-accent accent nail, which is a Wet Seal polish and apparently they do not have names nor any other identifying info...maybe 4212?  I have no idea.  It's a neon coral creme with a blue shimmer. VERY blinding, as you might be able to tell.  I did layer it over the white which helped it pop, but I think I have worn it without just took 2 or 3 coats.

Morrrre glitterssss! :)

So that's all regarding the polish... But I wanted to add a bit of a review on a beauty product, KBShimmer Kaleido-soap, since the colors match Chaos so well! Check it out -

KBShimmer describes it as: "A stunning prism of colors accent the tropical scent of orange, banana, peach and raspberry, with hints of gardenia, jasmine, musk and sandalwood. Coral reefs, tropical gardens, frozen drinks, sandy beaches, ahhh, what could be better then a soap that can turn your shower into a tropical paradise.
Loaded with Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, the soap lathers and cleans like a dream! Once wet, micas make this soap sparkle and shine!"

First of all, I loved the name, since I'm all about puns, obviously! ;)
I've used it in the shower on & off for a couple weeks, and to me, all the fabulous scents she lists are not really there.  It just occurred to me I should maybe email & ask if it's supposed to be this mild, or maybe I got a batch that was missing all the fruity oils?!  
The scent it does have, although faint, is nice & soothing. I get faint whiffs of it during the day & am actually rather addicted to it, but really was craving something more tropical like the description implies.  LOVE the colors though!  You really should see the images on KBShimmer's site...those swirls are outta this world!  Kaleido-soap is $6.50 for a 4-4.5 oz bar, which is about the size of a deck of cards, but thicker. Oh and the mica shimmer that's left behind is only a light dusting but it's quite pretty, and "there" enough for people like us to notice it. ;)  
Although I use it with my mesh pouf thingie because I hate washcloths (a couple swipes on the pouf create a nice lather), it feels rather sticky/clingy on my hands; they wouldn't just glide across each other like when using a standard soap, but I think I got used to it.  Just knowing that KBS's soaps are made with so many pure ingredients that are good for my skin makes me able to overlook the weird feeling! And I really do think my skin is much softer than it usually is. 
*Note: it gets a very mushy layer on it through the course of a shower, but it firms up just fine as it dries.  I don't keep it sitting in the shower because I don't want my Kaleido-soap to experience unnecessary, wasteful meltage when my roommates take their showers! Lastly, it sticks like gorilla glue to whatever it's sitting on when it dries, so expect to pry it off before your next use.  All in all, I do like the soap & I'm glad I tried it, but I'm not sure if I'd order it again.  I purchased the Chai Tea soap at the same time, so when fall is 100% here, I'll swap 'em out & probably review it too - with a fall mani, of course! ;)  

If you read this entire post, you deserve a HUGE, SHINING gold star!!!  Oh look, I just happen to have one for ya:

G'night, ladies! :) 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

HOTT holo sauce!!!

If Collide Into You and So Unique were mild sauce, Color Club's Cosmic Fate is hot sauce for sure!  Oh my, Melissa (a la Lacquer Reverie) must be rubbing off on me, 'cuz I just made a food reference! hahaha
And get this; after a couple days of taking Cosmic Fate into my own hands, I decided I'd amp up the awesomeness by trying my first sponging gradient as an accent nail - with two other holos.  OH YESSSS I did! :-D

Yup, these are my holo-y, unshapely nubs.  Be distracted by the Spectraflair!!! :-P
After lemming strong linear holos for SO LONG (not being willing to spend upwards of $20 a bottle for those darn "original" ChG's or OPI's), I originally "splurged" on Color Club Revvvolution, but that really wasn't the blow your mind holo I was hoping for.  So after looking at countless swatches, I decided that Angel Kiss from the 2012 Halographic collex was beautiful light aqua color that I had to have. 
And whenever I saw the 2013 Halographics, I was always drawn to Cosmic Fate like a bug to a zapper, because peachy shades seem to be "my thing."  

Fun fact about my photo shoot for this mani: the screen was off my bedroom window at the time, so I was kneeling on my bed, sticking my arms out the window & snapping photos.  I tried to pull them in every time I heard a car coming, but . . . I wasn't always successful!  So I'm sure whoever saw my arms (the window is at a 90 degree angle to the street, so there's no way they could see the rest of my body) was pretty weirded out!  I kinda stopped caring - especially if I had the pose just right. :-P

I'm so glad I finally went ahead & treated myself to this yummy orange sherbet!  I found it on eBay for $7.00, free shipping. Loving that price for a full-size bottle!  . . . unlike Jade Delirio Rosa, which although lovely, and also $7.00 (on Llarowe) is only 8ml.  For some odd reason, I did not notice the size until it arrived.  Oh well!  It's certainly a fun, bright "Barbie pink" as some of the reviews have said. :-)

Application for Cosmic Fate was easy, and no special "aqua base" coat required.  I honestly don't even know what that is, but I've heard other bloggers mention it as necessary to keep Layla holos from . . . being patchy?  I dunno!  haha
What you see here is two coats, and I think one quick swipe of Sally Hansen topcoat.  Pretty sure it was my 4-in-1 base/nourishing/strengthening bamboo/top coat stuff.  I love something that multitasks!

Aaaaand the gradient!  One of my roommates gave me a pack of round cosmetic sponges she doesn't use, from which I cut a teensy, tiny triangle and used my tweezers to gingerly sponge on some Angel Kiss at the bottom, and Delirio Rosa at the top.  Voila!  My 3 strong linear holos on one 'lil nubbin! ;-)  Hehe!

And that's all she wrote!  Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend, peeps! . . . unless you're my dad and have Mondays off.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mild taco - er - holo sauce!

I don't know what is with me lately, but blogging has obviously been on the back burner.  This is another pre (or rather, mid) production mani.  Gah, I would LOVE to have those long, gorgeous nails back!  I think I need to start taking biotin because they're just not growing.  A few people have extolled the benefits of Duri Rejuvacote, but on the other hand (DOUBLE pun intended - it's also a Fiddler line) I've also seen a few posts from people whose nails have lifted off the nail bed after using it.  I don't wanna risk having that reaction!  Well, enough complaining . . . I give you some holo sauce: China Glaze Collide Into You + Hits So Unique!

When I first saw the China Glaze Hologlam collex, alarms immediately went off and told me I needed to snatch them all & PRONTO, because I was thinking back to the highly sought after ChG Text in Color collex, but as we probably all know by now, their most recent attempt at holos falls far short of the high standard set by Text in Color.  Even though I was fully aware that they're not BLAM! in yo face holo, I still had a yearning for Collide Into You.  Can't.resist.the plums.

It's a bit of a dusty violet plumy color in the shade, or incandescent light.  Still very pretty!  The application was great too: standard base coat, one coat would've been passable, but I went with two for richer color. :-)  And the other thing I've noticed about holos: they dry really fast!  Being a rather impatient person, I love that!  hehe

Mmmm . . . sparkly holo duochrome goodness!  I love the Hits Mari Moon Speciallita Holografico collection . . . the fact that there is not only some fairly decent holo particles, but also duochrome pigments make these my two favorite finishes in one. YUM.  So Unique is a rich burgundy that shifts to a dark purple and brownish oxblood shade.  Like I said, YUM.
(Click here to see some bottle shots that clearly show the color shifts.) 

I really can't believe I haven't done a full mani with So Unique nor the other one I got in my very first Llarowe order, Super Cute.  For now, Google it.  You won't regret it.  Unfortunately, I was just checking Llarowe, and it appears they no longer have this collection. :-(  But the Mari Moon duochromes ARE still there, and they're stunning as well!
Oh, I know what point I was trying to make: the reason I did this as an accent nail and have not done full manis are because the bottles are only 6 mL (as opposed to the usual 15 or so), ergo I feel I need to conserve the beauty! lol
But I seriously need to use them sometime.  Otherwise it's like those people that buy or have inherited fine china only to put it in a china cabinet.

So Unique also had an excellent 2 coat formula, although their rather cantankerous chunky brushes make the neat half-moon application a bit of a trick.

I just love this mani.  Despite the milder holo effect, they are both lovely rich polishes that make me think of regal robes and the tapestries in Spanish castles.

Thanks for stopping by & enjoy your Saturday! :-D