Sunday, September 29, 2013

Twinsie glitter gradient with my BFF!

Hey ladies!  I'm pretty excited to show you this today.  My first attempt at a glitter gradient!!  I was trying to come up with ideas for something my best friend would want to wear with her stunning outfit for a friend's wedding in Chicago; a wedding for which she played piano and sang, and her husband officiated.
So it needed to be stellar.  And since she's a pianist, it had to be executed in a way that would ensure staying power.
After showing her a couple of my ideas that I'd done on those clear Sephora cellophane squares with fingers outlined on them (maybe you've seen them in stores now? They're for testing out the polishes :-), something in what she was describing made me show her this mani:

ALL credit goes to!
Her response: "Oooh! I l♥ve that!!" ;)  So the next night I set to work on my own nails so I could practice the technique and test drying times on a couple different options of reds and I wanted to show her another color just for the sake of variety. :)

The difference is almost inperceptible; I have Zoya Karina (2 coats) on my thumb, Sally Hansen Unbreakable Heart (2 coats) on my pointer & index, and Zoya Daul (1 coat over OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI?) on my ring and pinkie. Personally, I love the extra glitzyness that Daul lends to the gradient, but Michelle opted for the classic red - her favorite nail color. :)

Don't ask me why, but there is some optical illusion going on making it look like I got the red all over the side of her ring & pinkie fingers. It's not, I promise.  So, pay no attention to the optical illusion behind the curtain and focus on the loveliness! ;)  (and a gold star to anyone who caught that movie reference)
I will however make the disclaimer that for some reason, my photos are not showing the warmer tones that Zoya Karina has IRL. :( I did try to edit and color correct them, but it still came out more of a dull, cool brownish tone. :-/ Grrr!  I'm so sorry, readers. :(

Both of us together!!! :D  ♥  This was SUCH a fun night... I gave her a full-on mani/pedi complete with foot soaking and massages. I love doing that kind of thing with/for my friends!

To execute her mani with staying power, I started with one base coat of Orly Bonder, then 2 coats of Sally Hansen Unbreakable Heart (a rich, vibrant shimmery cherry red with tiny gold microflakies), and then I took a tiny triangle of makeup sponge and using a tweezers, I sponged on Essie Set in Stones and Milani Gold to add more depth to the effect. Then I covered the whole thing with Sally Hansen Ultra-Wear Top Coat (the box says "Salon perfect finish up to 10 days. Guaranteed."  They're the same bottles as the Salon Manicure line with the silver caps).  

Oy. Trying to photograph two peoples' hands in the same frame is NOT as easy as I thought!
Not to mention I was laughing so hard my hands were shaking. :P

Aaaand apparently my plan and the polishes worked because I talked to my friend on Friday and she still had no chips!  I did the manicure the previous Wednesday and she'd played piano on Sunday morning and again for the wedding. :D :D full work days of typing. WIN!  Oh, I forgot to add, I had her take top coat with her and put on a second coat while they were driving the next morning.  It was about 11 pm by the time I finished doing her mani (and the matching pedi - I did the gradient on her big toes :), we were super loopy, and after the photo shoot, we were done for, so the 2nd application of top coat had to wait!

My hand, chillin' out in the background ;)  SO hard to get both on the exact same plane

I hope you enjoyed ogling the prettiness - I know I sure did!  Seriously, I was constantly admiring the extreme flashiness of Set in Stones in the fluorescent lights at work all day, every day I had this on. ;)
And rest assured, there will be future twinsie manis because I (&, hopefully she) had a blast doing this!!!


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    1. Thank you, Essie!! I LOVED how the blingy glitter gradient turned out, and it was just all the better, doing it with a friend. That doesn't happen very often. At all. I'm sure you know what that's like...sometimes it really sucks not knowing any polishaholics in your real life. :-/ Wish we lived closer!!

  2. I am still not getting your blog updates. I just tried to unfollow and then follow. We'll see if that worked....

    1. Thanks so much for trying that!! I keep forgetting to ask Melissa if it worked for her. Ugh I've been so busy lately...haven't been online much so blogging and blog-related activities are on the back burner again. :-/