Sunday, September 8, 2013

HOTT holo sauce!!!

If Collide Into You and So Unique were mild sauce, Color Club's Cosmic Fate is hot sauce for sure!  Oh my, Melissa (a la Lacquer Reverie) must be rubbing off on me, 'cuz I just made a food reference! hahaha
And get this; after a couple days of taking Cosmic Fate into my own hands, I decided I'd amp up the awesomeness by trying my first sponging gradient as an accent nail - with two other holos.  OH YESSSS I did! :-D

Yup, these are my holo-y, unshapely nubs.  Be distracted by the Spectraflair!!! :-P
After lemming strong linear holos for SO LONG (not being willing to spend upwards of $20 a bottle for those darn "original" ChG's or OPI's), I originally "splurged" on Color Club Revvvolution, but that really wasn't the blow your mind holo I was hoping for.  So after looking at countless swatches, I decided that Angel Kiss from the 2012 Halographic collex was beautiful light aqua color that I had to have. 
And whenever I saw the 2013 Halographics, I was always drawn to Cosmic Fate like a bug to a zapper, because peachy shades seem to be "my thing."  

Fun fact about my photo shoot for this mani: the screen was off my bedroom window at the time, so I was kneeling on my bed, sticking my arms out the window & snapping photos.  I tried to pull them in every time I heard a car coming, but . . . I wasn't always successful!  So I'm sure whoever saw my arms (the window is at a 90 degree angle to the street, so there's no way they could see the rest of my body) was pretty weirded out!  I kinda stopped caring - especially if I had the pose just right. :-P

I'm so glad I finally went ahead & treated myself to this yummy orange sherbet!  I found it on eBay for $7.00, free shipping. Loving that price for a full-size bottle!  . . . unlike Jade Delirio Rosa, which although lovely, and also $7.00 (on Llarowe) is only 8ml.  For some odd reason, I did not notice the size until it arrived.  Oh well!  It's certainly a fun, bright "Barbie pink" as some of the reviews have said. :-)

Application for Cosmic Fate was easy, and no special "aqua base" coat required.  I honestly don't even know what that is, but I've heard other bloggers mention it as necessary to keep Layla holos from . . . being patchy?  I dunno!  haha
What you see here is two coats, and I think one quick swipe of Sally Hansen topcoat.  Pretty sure it was my 4-in-1 base/nourishing/strengthening bamboo/top coat stuff.  I love something that multitasks!

Aaaaand the gradient!  One of my roommates gave me a pack of round cosmetic sponges she doesn't use, from which I cut a teensy, tiny triangle and used my tweezers to gingerly sponge on some Angel Kiss at the bottom, and Delirio Rosa at the top.  Voila!  My 3 strong linear holos on one 'lil nubbin! ;-)  Hehe!

And that's all she wrote!  Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend, peeps! . . . unless you're my dad and have Mondays off.


  1. WOW! Great job on the gradient:) LOL, funny about you sticking your hand out the window. That would have been quite the sight! haha.

    1. Muchas gracias! haha It really was pretty simple, just tedious like any nail-arty type thing. And I definitely had to clean up because it sponged all over the sides of my nail bed!
      LOL, yes, I'm sure it was...both arms waaay out the window - one holding polishes & the other, a camera. :-P

  2. Definitely HOT HOT HOT Taco sauce! Heheh, I LOVE Color Club polishes, and I am blown away by all of their holos.. That gradient is awesome! This is too much holo-y goodness for one post! :D

    1. EXACTLY!! Color Club Halographic - it's like the Fire sauce at Taco Bell! ;-) Hahahah, thank you, I was rather pleased with my nubby 'lil gradient. :-)