Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mind. Blown. KBShimmer Myth You Lots :O

This polish has practically left me speechless with its jaw-dropping beauty, insane rainbows, and color shifts!!!  I've seen a couple polishes that I believe are probably quite similar; namely ILNP Cygnus Loop (with holo version) & EP Octopus's Garden, and have pondered getting one of them.  However, Myth You Lots happens to have the lowest price tag of the three (a mere $8.75) and is readily available without crazy restock drama.  So I went ahead and added it to my recent KBShimmer order.  Boy am I ever glad I did!!! :D  Feast yo eyeballs on THIS:

All I have to say is two coats - YES, you heard me right! - TWO COATS of this holo-ey, multichrome goodness!  I used Duri Rejuvacote as the base and no topcoat because a) my friend was about to arrive to pick me up for a day in "the city," and b) it had a glass-like finish all on its own.  Seriously, it was sooo smooth and shiny!  L♥VE.
My friend and I were marveling over its shifts all day!  Or rather, I was constantly staring at my nails and then shoving my hand in her face and saying: "LOOK!!!" :O  lol
Dry time was probably all of 6-7 mins.  I had very limited time to throw on a mani, so I was keenly aware of this!  Again, photos really don't do Myth You Lots justice... if you love polish, you NEED this.  I don't often say that.  In fact, I think it's the first time I've made that proclamation on this blog!

Buy it!!!  Buy it NOW!  The end. ;)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Challenge #11: Silver

Fact: it is not the 31st.  Fact: it is no longer even January.  Fact: I've been working so much overtime that I essentially crawl home at night & do it all over again.  I even went to work "naked" (NAILS!! naked NAILS!) for two days, and shocked the heck outta my friends!  
So all that to say, I've finally found the time & energy to do my final challenge post.  

I was really running out of creativity, especially when it came to nail art having to do with "silver."  BUT, I instantly thought of my still untried, lovely surprise from Claudia (aka idreamofpolish): Nfu-Oh #61. YESSSSS.  The most beautimous silver holo!!!  So I chose to simply let the gloriousness of #61 be nail art in its own right. :)  And really, rainbows ARE some of God's finest artwork so, why not?

These photos really do not do it justice!  I took so many, at all sorts of angles and different lighting, in so many hand positions I seriously got painful hand cramps; all to no avail.  The above thumbnail was the closest I got.  
Regarding application, I actually didn't use any basecoat because I knew there was no chance of staining and from what I've read, the Nfu-Oh "aqua base" is the only thing that works anyways, so I just decided to give it a go "au naturel."  Sorry, every time I hear or say "give it a go," I think of the song Lady Marmalade! ...from the Moulin Rouge. ;)
Oh!  That's right, I was talking about the application!! HA HA  So, no basecoat, and the first coat was very  sheer and patchy.  But I only needed two coats on most of my nails and three on a few others.  

Dry time was very fast, a characteristic which I LOVE about most of the linear holos I've tried. :)   The other reason I picked this as my "silver" polish is because as you can see in the very last photo, my pinkie is pure silver chrome in the flash.  And rather like bloggers are saying about that new OPI Gwen Stefani chrome polish, sans topcoat this lasts only a couple days without chipping.  I put Duri Rejuvacote on a couple nails and it did noticeably dull the holo, so I left them "topless."  The wear time is saddening, but oh well!  I can either re-apply or put on one of the other 270 some gorgeous polishes I own!

Can I take a moment to say how much I LOVE the adorable Nfu-Oh bottles?!  I'm sure every blogger out there has ooh'd and ahh'd over them, but this being my first and only one, I have to contribute my own bit of amazement at the very unique bustier/dress design. :)  They're simply the epitome of fun and girliness and for some reason, remind me of Cinderella or fairytales period.  The flowers and vines on the top of the cap and the front of the bottle are also lovely.  I wouldn't mind having a few more Nfu-Oh's just for the bottles!! hehe  Although touching the boob area (i.e. above thumb photo) was a tad... disconcerting? :-P 

I don't know if I'll join another challenge for awhile due to the overtime at work, but it was rather fun and well, challenging!  Imagine that!!  Have a great Sunday night, peeps!