Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mind. Blown. KBShimmer Myth You Lots :O

This polish has practically left me speechless with its jaw-dropping beauty, insane rainbows, and color shifts!!!  I've seen a couple polishes that I believe are probably quite similar; namely ILNP Cygnus Loop (with holo version) & EP Octopus's Garden, and have pondered getting one of them.  However, Myth You Lots happens to have the lowest price tag of the three (a mere $8.75) and is readily available without crazy restock drama.  So I went ahead and added it to my recent KBShimmer order.  Boy am I ever glad I did!!! :D  Feast yo eyeballs on THIS:

All I have to say is two coats - YES, you heard me right! - TWO COATS of this holo-ey, multichrome goodness!  I used Duri Rejuvacote as the base and no topcoat because a) my friend was about to arrive to pick me up for a day in "the city," and b) it had a glass-like finish all on its own.  Seriously, it was sooo smooth and shiny!  L♥VE.
My friend and I were marveling over its shifts all day!  Or rather, I was constantly staring at my nails and then shoving my hand in her face and saying: "LOOK!!!" :O  lol
Dry time was probably all of 6-7 mins.  I had very limited time to throw on a mani, so I was keenly aware of this!  Again, photos really don't do Myth You Lots justice... if you love polish, you NEED this.  I don't often say that.  In fact, I think it's the first time I've made that proclamation on this blog!

Buy it!!!  Buy it NOW!  The end. ;)


  1. EMILY!!!! I've missed your blog!! I follow so many and I'm so glad I caught this one in my feed! It's so hard for me to remember the ones that are my favorite to comment on since there are so many!! Okay, back to the polish. Myth You Lots is AMAZEBAAAAALLS! You show it perfectly!! I would be shoving my hand in everyone's face if I was wearing this!! I might have to go buy it now. Darn. My wallet is going to hate me and hubby will confiscate my debit card. I'm a rebel all in the name of polish love!! I hope you had a great time in the city and I'm glad to hear it dried fairly quickly without a top coat which it didn't even look like you needed!!

    1. I know what you mean... I quickly racked up quite a blogroll! Awww shucks, I feel so special, knowing you've missed reading my 'lil ol' blog! *blushes
      AMAZEBALLS is right on! hehehe "rebel in the name of polish" You're too funny :D Well, I don't want to get you in trouble by egging you on, but I have to say you really should get this one. ;)
      Oh btw, "the city" is Grand Forks, ND and its population is like, 50K. I'm sure I have all y'all thinking like NYC or something! LOL 50K is pretty sizable in these parts, which is sad, I know. I long for MSP, at the very least... :(

    2. Hahaha! Your cities sound a lot like mine!! Mine is super small too. I basically live in the middle of the woods!!!

  2. WOWZERS!!! KBShimmer really hit the nail on the head as we like to say with those multi-chromes! I didn't buy all of them but yes, Myth You Lots sits in my Helmet and is NOT among my untrieds ;-)! You did a great Job with catching all the different facettes - beautiful <3

  3. Wow, you did such a great job capturing the beauty in this polish!