Monday, March 10, 2014

When wishes come true - Illamasqua Scarce

Well as you can clearly see, I've had quite a hiatus due to pre-vacation busyness, vacation, and post-vacation doldrums! (if you've ever read or watched The Phantom Tollbooth, you'll have a clear picture of what those are)

The weekend before I left for vacation, a 100% surprise nail mail package showed up on my doorstep - er, in the mail pile on the counter since my roommate got the mail.  Lord have mercy, was I ever shocked & awed to see all the goodies inside that baby!!!!  Remember when Claudia (of idreamofpolish31) knocked my socks off before with Nfu-Oh #61?  Well, she did it again!  Just take a gander (or a goose) at this jaw-dropping, eye-popping generosity:

I have no idea what possessed her to send me all this stuff, but it has certainly made my month!  I loooove all the personal touches like the little labels; she even nicknamed one of the polishes "The Sky in Minnesota," which I have to say is spot-on. :)  And WHAT. IS. THIS?!?  Ohhh that's just a little thing I like call Illamasqua Scarce, which has been on my wishlist for awhile and I never thought I'd actually get because those speckled collection polishes have become pretty coveted and HTF - or scarce, if you will. ;)  So she must've worked a minor miracle to procure it for me!  When I opened that little bundle of joy, all I could say for about a minute was: omg!!!!  Over and over.  And then I finally picked my jaw up off the floor and pushed my eyeballs back in their orbital bones.
Now all I can say is: you are an absolute polish angel, Claudia!!!!!!!!!!!  You've spoiled me to high heaven, and I'll be forever grateful and full of warm fuzzies. :D  Mil gracias, querida amiga!!!

I did this mani over the weekend.  Two easy, high-quality speckly coats of Scarce with some Seche on top, although they were actually pretty smooth!  The accent nail was supposed to be stamped with roses, buuuut, my frosty light pink was far too faint, and I'd been wanting to put A-England's She Walks in Beauty over a black creme anyway.  I think it looks okay, but this isn't my favorite combo, despite the fact that the glitters match the creamy pink base.

Okay, I suppose I can include a few vacation shots for your hungry eyes...

The famous Cabo San Lucas arch!

Sunset, cactus - background, banana plant - fore :)
Beautiful pools, beautiful weather!

THE flower of the tropics :)


Me & my chicas in the infinity pool


  1. Welcome back sweetie - missed you!!! But then oh and ah - what a great vacation you seem to have had! Awesome nailmail, and what a wonderful friend you got! That Illamasqua looks drop dead gorgeous next to your lovely tan, great choice - that A England as accent nail!!!!

    1. Awwww I was missed?! :D I've always thought that was one of the sweetest things a person can say...because to miss someone, you have to care about them and like what they bring to your life because the lack of it/them results in sadness i.e. missing. lol Emily's personal psychology feature: over! :P
      Yes, vacation = awesome, friend = awesome, Illamasqua = awesome! hehehe Btw, I think the pic is making me look more tan than I am. Well, my body yes...hands no, not that tan!