Monday, March 17, 2014

How did THAT happen?!

As I was working on a new mani yesterday and simultaneously living on Facebook, I of course noticed a plethora of St. Patrick's Day nail art and manicures poppin' up like shamrocks in the spring.  Lo and behold, without the impending holiday even registering in my mind as I chose my polishes hours before, my nails are green and copper/gold!  ROFL
Must've happened subconsciously.

I used 4 coats LynBDesigns Spot the Cuttlefish on my thumb and ring finger, and as I'm sure 90% of you can tell, 2 coats of A-England Dragon on my pointer, middle, and pinkie.  While I have to say Spot the Cuttlefish is pretty (and it's more shimmery copper IRL), it is NOT at all what I thought I was getting.  Really the only swatches out there are Accio Lacquer's, who I believe is LynB's official blogger, so that is what I based my purchase on.
I'm seriously contemplating emailing her some pics once I use it for a four fingered swatch and asking if she was missing a pigment in this batch, or what, because I fell in love with the rich burgundy/plum base that really made the beautiful flakies stand out.  Because my bottle has such a caramel colored jelly base, you can hardly see them. :(

Eeew...that accent nail reminds me of a bad 60's carpet - and drapes - and linoleum... its redeeming quality is the holo & flakies which of COURSE you can't see here!  -_-

Dragon is very beautiful; another perfect A-England which I cannot say enough good things about!!! :)  I guess I do have to say I wish the insane gold shifting to copper haze (seriously!! I also saw copper that matches Cuttlefish perfectly IRL!) you see below would've been more evident on my nails.  Maybe it will be in real, live, strong sunlight.  I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. ;)  My oh my, I think I found the leprechaun's pot o' gold in me A-England bottle!!

So there you have it; my totally unexpected St. Patrick's Day mani!!  hehehe

As an extra for you, this is a hilarious little flannelgraph-esque segment from a Veggie Tales movie.  I grew up on Veggie Tales and this "short" essentially taught me all I know about the origins of the holiday. ;)  Enjoy it, if you wish!

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