Sunday, March 16, 2014

"...A few of my fAAAvorite things!"

...Yes, I'm singing Sound of Music in my head! hehe  I just wanted to do a quick 'lil post because this manicure makes me so happy, despite its MANY imperfections and yes, nail blogger no-no's, so I hope you'll bear with me & be forgiving.  And maybe enjoy it anyway. :)

So, the 3 things about this that make me happy:
1) A-ENGLAND!!!!  As a birthday gift to myself, I made an unprecedented 5 bottle purchase (usually it's only 2 or 3 polishes of any given kind at one time) and they just got here on Friday.  I cannot get over how superb these polishes are!

2) Stamping!!  Or more specifically, stamping with MoYou London plates!  They are simply amazing and if you enjoy stamping, you really should invest/treat yourself to some.  The cost is a bit higher since they do come from London only and your purchase on their site will be in GBP (pounds sterling).  Let me tell you, their currency is much more powerful than ours!  Ouch.  But these plates are worth it!

3) Sushi!!  Not only did I get to experience it last night with my mom & dad & sister, but I've now gotten all of them to try it. :D  WIN!  It was an uphill battle for the last few years since I discovered it, gracias a mi mejor amiga en el mundo (my best friend in the WORLD).  Oh and did I mention I also had sushi on my nails?!  And no, I do not mean because I was using my fingers instead of chopsticks... Let's take a look, shall we?

I give you A-England Rose Bower with an accent of Sinful Colors Rich In Heart, stamped image in Konad special white polish from MoYou Suki plate #3.  Sadly, I no longer see it on the site! :-/
Rose Bower was a color I didn't think I'd really ever want to purchase, but after seeing this post, I was SOLD.  And now I clearly love it, since it was the first one I used!  It's THE most brilliant red shimmer with scattered holo.  In the shade, it's a more muted raspberry.  Still beautiful!  One coat here, I should've done two because my painting skills sucked. *no fault of the polish!!
Rich In Heart is so not  brown/copper like it appears in the bottle below.  Grrr.  Why did my camera keep pulling the brown tones?!  It's actually a beautiful almost black red shimmer (in 2 coats).  You can what I mean on my rice bowl accent above. :)

The tips were all chipped after one day because of work.  -_-  Thanks work!  You pay for my polish AND ruin it!

That 'lil accent was my favorite!!  A piece of nigiri (type of sushi) - sliced raw fish with a molded ball of rice underneath, usually with a dab of wasabi in between the rice and fish.  I wasn't planning to get this stamping plate, but when I saw the smiling sushi pieces, I was again, SOLD!  lol
I've been wanting to do a sushi mani to coincide with a sushi dinner for awhile now. :)

So, to tally it up:
1) A-England Rose Bower = $10 (Sinful Rich In Heart = $1.98)
2) MoYou Suki plate = £4.99
3) Sushi = umm, my parents got the bill :D
The feeling of happiness looking at my nails & spending time with family = priceless!


  1. Rose Bower and Rich in Heart... two polishes I have NO IDEA why they haven't made their way into my stash. I have to say, your leetle stamp looked like a happy little ninja or something until you mentioned nigiri sushi and then I was all, "Ahhh....."

    1. Wow yes you NEED them!!!! I was so happy to find a drugstore polish with that sexy blackened red shimmer I'd been looking for in Zoya Blair or Colbie. If you can't find Rich In Heart, let me know... I think there were more at my local K-Mart. :) Hehe, yes, happy ninja nigiri! LOL

  2. Ahhh welcome to the A England community - note that you will be lost for good as tasted them once, you never get away from them again!!! I love Rose Bower - as I did the whole Byrne-Jones collection and funnily I remember the day so well I wore Rose Bower first! Cutsie stamping and I am so with you - I am a Sushi addict myself and this is one of the few meals I will never grow tired of....

    1. This actually isn't my first AE... I bought Briarwood, She Walks in Beauty, and Ascalon in January from an e-tailer (, I believe?) in Hong Kong because they were having a sale. I thought at the time it made them alot cheaper than Llarowe and such, but it really was only about a dollar less for each one. Oh well! Hm thinking about it, I'm not sure why I didn't do a post when I wore Briarwood & Ascalon. Maybe none of the pics were satisfactory! I'll have to go through my files now. :)
      I'm glad you enjoy the stamping AND sushi!!! I only discovered it a couple years ago thanks to my BFF, and I am SO addicted!!! :D Maybe we should also blog about sushi? The rolls are usually quite artistic & fun to look at...hmm, I really should get pics of every roll I try and make a sushi tab on here. ;) hehehe

  3. I LOVE A ENGLAND! Its so pretty I wanna die!!! Hahaha my polishes need to break out of transit, grow their own legs and RUN over here to me in Australia! I can't wait any longer! :D Lol <3

    1. LOLOL!!! :D YES, they really are gorgeous and I feel your pain... I was irate with the post office for not delivering them on the expected delivery date. hehe I cannot even imagine how long it must take to get them all the way in Australia. :( When did you order?

  4. I GOT THEM!!! I ordered them on the 17th and they arrived yesterday. So excited!!! :D Cant wait to use them ahhhh! Not too bad timing to get to Australia!!!

    1. YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! :D I'm so happy for you! And you're right; that is not so bad, actually... still, quite a while to wait for such pretties, but better than I thought. I swear it took almost exactly a month for me to get my Born Pretty order. -_-