Tuesday, May 28, 2013

At long last! OPI Jinx - - you owe me a soda/pop!

. . . wait, I don't even like pop. ;-)  But I do like Jinx . . . and have been drooling over it forever!
My sister and I made a "quick stop" (yeah right!) at Ulta on Saturday when I was down visiting her.  I hadn't been in an Ulta since becoming addicted to polish about 5 months ago, so I was a tad nervous about being able to restrain myself from buying everything in sight!  I did well, I think: my "haul" consisted of: Essie Mojito Madness (I asked & got 20% off 'cuz there was polish spilled on the bottle & it was the last one), Zoya Frida (found it in the
clearance bin!!! :-D SCORE!), a tiny bottle of OPI Coconut Melon Avojuice (I wanted to try it & now that I have, I want a giant VAT of that scent! *swoon*), and at the last moment, I spotted the set of OPI Bond Girls minis.

I'd looked at various eBay listing for this set, and the price was pretty much the same, so I was like MEH, why not?!  Jinx was my first & forever love (in photos alone), but I've been wanting to try Vesper too, and everyone says ____ Galore is lovely, as well as Solitaire. :-)

Sooo worth the wait (like other, much more important things in life)
My sister promptly put on _____ Galore when we got back to her house.  She loved it, and it really does look very pretty on.  But lordy, it needs to be renamed!!  Ideas, ladies????
It's a pale, crisp, blue-leaning pink (or maybe a "true" pink?) with light, delicate fuschia sparkles, and it of course dries to the sandy, matte finish.  Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with to take pics of her wearing it.  And my cell phone has the WORST camera EVER.  No high-tech iPhone for me.

2 coats of Jinx, no base nor topcoat
Jinx is described as a mesmerizing matte coral with lucky (gold) sparkle.  It is a great, summery, coral shade that I love, and the gold sparkle is VERY eye catching.  Lucky?  Not so much.

Why am I only showing 3 fingers you might ask?  And what happened to the long, (relatively) gorgeous nails from my previous post?  Both good questions.  And the answer would be: my brother's broken car door handle is what happened.  I had forgotten about that, so in our haste to leave on Friday night, I gave the handle a good yank, my hand slipped, and my pointer and middle finger nails broke into ragged smithereens. :-(  I used to think it was sooo stupid when girls were like OOOH, I broke a nail!  But now that I have a nail polish blog, and I finally HAD purty, long, nicely squared nails, it was quite sad.  I seriously felt my heart sink as I crawled into the car and we drove off.
And then I angrily proceeded to clip and file the remains and cut the rest of my nails down to match. 

Oh, the reason I'm only showing 3 fingers is because the pointer and thumb are chipped enough for them to be non-blog-worthy.

Yes, I realize it's out of focus . . .  bloggers are right - it is the best way to show glitter!
Speaking of out of focus, it's interesting how life events such as tragedies can bring things into focus.  AND how quickly things become fuzzy again.  For instance, I'm sure that when the Oklahoma tornadoes happened recently, many of us said and/or thought, wow, I'm soooo blessed to still have my home and my husband and kids, parents, family, and friends all alive and (maybe mostly) well.  I need to remember to tell these people that I love them, and be grateful for the many blessings (big & small) that God has give me.
Then the days and weeks wear on, and those intense emotions and clarity of perspective are muddied by the demands of the daily grind.  It's easy to do, in so many ways, and I'm guilty of it myself.
I honestly don't know what the solution is, but maybe even something as simple as leaving a note for yourself on the mirror or in your car (or hey, smartphones are phenomenal tools!) to compliment your spouse on something, or do something you know they'll enjoy, and make some extra special one-on-one time with a child or parent or friend.  And most importantly: taking time to thank God who gave us (in one way or another) all of the people and things in our lives.  :-)

Yes, that was "off-topic," but my dear friend inspired me tonight and that is why the "n'stuff" is part of the name of my blog.  So thank you all for bearing with me!  I'm very thankful for all y'all!! :-)  Nighty night!


  1. And you're absolutely right. It's too easy to forget about the really important things and how much God truly takes care of us. Thanks, Emily...I needed this right now. :)

    Now...on to your tragic nails. First of all, they look good short! I actually think Jinx looks better on short nails. This looks great on you!! Very pretty with your skin. :) Yeah, that pink one...that's why I don't like James Bond. But OPI classed it up by making it gorgeous! :P

    1. Glad to hear my thoughts were shared at just the right time... I love when God works like that!! :-D

      Thank you for the compliment! I guess they're okay short (I was definitely able to text more easily!), but I was loving the long, shapely nails I had. :-(
      Yeah, I agree, I admired it on my sister's nails for quite awhile...she was probably thinking: can I have my hand back?? :-P

  2. Great post. I totally agree with you about our thoughts right after tragedies happen and then it wears off. It's sad that it takes those events to remind us how lucky we are.

    I am there with you with the nail break. At least you still post..I take the easy way out and have people post for me:) My husband always thinks I blow it a little out of proportion when my nails break...but seriously, when you are a nail blogger, it's NOT good. I tell him it's like a model's nose falling off. You just can't go on with business as usual :(

    Yeah for your successful shopping trip. I'm so glad you got Mojito Madness, that is one of my favorites. And yes, that polish must be re-named...how about Kitty Galore? Have a great day.

    1. Thank you! And it is sad. My friend told me she'd decided to do a 90-day thankfulness challenge during the fall last year. She blogged about it a bit (www.pianogirlspeaks.blogspot.com), and I gather it was a very good and impactful experience. :-)

      I wish I had people to do guest posts, but I'm not at your "level" yet! ;-) Oh well. Yeah, guys just don't get it! My brother was like, huh, that...sucks? I guess? Lol, good analogy! ;-)

      Yup, it only took seeing it as your accent nail in ONE POST and I knew I wanted it!! :-D I have it on my toes and really love the color on me.
      Kitty Galore is much better. ;-) We shall henceforth refer to it as such, I decree!