Saturday, May 11, 2013

I am SO blessed - - by nail mail :-)

Ok, I realize this is a rather odd thing to feel blessed about, but perhaps I just feel that way because when I think of being blessed by nail polish, somewhere in the back of my mind, there is this tiny thought that God does not bless people with nail polish as it's such an insignificant thing in the broad scheme of things.  But He does bless us with amazing people in our lives - some of which just happen to send us polish! hahaha :-)

Lookit these beauties!!! Mmm...some of my favorite brands!
PLUS a super sweet card :-)
Today I'll be showing you my second package of nail mail, which I got from Melissa, the beautiful brains behind Lacquer Reverie. :-)  Like my previous package from my dear Essie (iHeartPrettyPolish), she sent me this purely out of the kindness of her heart.  Awwwww! LOTSA warm fuzzies here! :-D

There's no name on this one, but I've ascertained it's Port-Folio from the 2012 Fall Fashion collection
Just look at that green duochrome amazingness!
Melissa must've noted my love for dc's! :-D
Since I am seemingly unable to make myself swatch every new polish I get right away so I have swatch photos for my blog, I figured I might try this occasionally. If you'd like to see this Color Club on the nail, check it out here:

What do you guys think about this approach? ^^

OPI DS Jewel - a gorgeous liquid copper with purple-y pink and gold shimmer/sparkle
Zoya Arizona
I can't wait to wear this intense cantaloupe creme!
The IRL color is somewhere between this & first picture.
Zoya Yara
Stunning, mysterious dusty moss green with a boatload (bottleload?) of gold flecks
I just had to include a pic of what Essie sent me, complete with her sweet 'lil note :-D
I showed them individually in other posts, but I wanted to do a cute arrangement.
Note: I cannot seem to capture the IRL color of  Sand Tropez.
This is after some editing; still not quite right. :-/

This isn't nail-mail related, but it does relate to being blessed. :-)  My sister came to visit me today, and she brought me a lovely and tasty surprise: Two Fools - 48th Parallel, which is from a local vineyard (literally, like 10 miles away).  As I held it up to the sunlight, it reminded me of my OPI Malaga Wine.  Well, this is Minnesota wine, but they sure do look the same!  Malaga Wine was a polish I purchased mostly because of its nostalgia factor.  I miss Spain with all my heart!!!  And of course, every woman needs a gorgeous deep red polish. :-)  Feast your eyes on the beauty and intensity:

I also wanted to comment on my thumb in the photo of Zoya Yara.  I'm STILL wearing my Pixie Dust Vespa mani - boy, does that stuff wear terrifically!  Barely any tip wear at all (as you can see if you click on the photo to enlarge it), and NO chips.  I did put mine over one coat of Zoya Neely, and a coat of Revlon Quick Dry base coat on my right hand as an experiment.  No chips anywhere!  :-D  I guess this is a huge "pro" for textured polish.  I'm sure I'll be taking it off with the easy glitter removal method as the staying power is about the same - gotta haul out the big guns!  If you're not familiar with this method, check it out here:

I can attest that it works VERY well!

I have so many beauties from my nail mail; which one would you guys like to see?  You can refer to my massive haul photos here too for other options. ;-)

Sleep well, y'all . . . and the HAPPIEST of Mother's Days to all you moms!!!!  (I'm just thanking God I'm not one of 'em! lol!)


  1. I think God can bless us by means of polish!! I've noticed I'm very blessed! :P What a sweet post, Emily. Essie is so right about the great friends you make in the blogosphere! :) have so many things to to swatch now...but I'd love to see that OPI Malaga Wine!

    1. Hahaha, yeah, I suppose! How many bottles of blessing do you have in your stash? I organized my polish tote the other day and counted: 86. BUT, then I went and bought 2 polishes on Llarowe, 2 full-size indies on Etsy + 2 minis. :P
      Ok, how 'bout this: I'll do Malaga Wine, take pics, then put Hits Speciallita So Unique over it?

    2. Well...the song says "Count Your Blessings", but I stopped counting after 200, LOL!!
      And I think that's a great idea for the next post!! I'm rather helpless in the presence of a wine polish!

    3. Hahaha!! :-D I know that song well . . . naming them one by one surely would take forEVER in your case! ;P
      Yes, wine and plum polishes esp. with sparklies are right up my alley. NUM.

  2. Polish friends are indeed awesome and most definitely a blessing :) LOVE the comparison of Minnesota/Malaga Wine, lolol :D

    1. Yes, absolutely! It's been great and I've only been a blogger for a month!
      Hehe, I've heard a lot of good things about this wine but never had it before, so I'm excited to try it. :-)
      So what's your vote for my next (or a future) mani?

    2. The Julep :) I love looking at Julep swatches (being a former maven myself for reasons I won't go into).

    3. Ok :-) I will do my shower curtain inspired nail art with the Julep Trina after Arizona . . . "requests will be processed in the order they are received." :P
      Hmmm . . . I sense some bad customer service coming into play here . . .?

    4. I'm hearing some elevator music playing in the background while waiting for Arizona :)

  3. I would love to see you wear Arizona! Melissa is such an awesome person and her posts make me laugh...she has a great sense of humor:) Thank you for being such a great friend to me, I really mean that ;)

    1. Okie dokie. :-) I've got Malaga Wine on right now for Melissa but will put Arizona next in line for you, m'dear! ;-) Yup yup, she certainly is - and does! I aspire to be that witty all the time.
      AWWWWWW *warm fuzzies* you're welcome, and thank YOU . . . like you said from the beginning, we gotta stick together - for many reasons. :-)