Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Julep Trina & some jazz ;-)

Again I find myself in a not very talkative mood tonight.  Must've been the Criminal Minds season finale - it sucked the words and emotions right outta me. ;-)  So tonight I'll stick to lots of photos of the purty purple polish!

Two coats Julep Trina topped by one coat of Barielle Elle's Spell and one coat NYC Matte About You on my accent nails.  I decided to do my accents a la Liesel (Liesl Loves Pretty Things), which is fitting, because she wanted to see Trina on my "nailsies." :-)

Lookit that firey flaky amazingness!  I loveeeee the idea of
matte flakies over dark colors. SEXY.
Trina's formula was lovely, definitely a one coater, I just used two coats in hopes that it would eliminate the cursed BUBBLES that cropped up yet again. Grrrr.  Well the second coat didn't do the trick, but a healthy dose of Seche did!  The dry time did seem a tad long to me, but then again, I'm just plain impatient. ;-)

Micro-sparkly, vampy purple Trina in all her glory!
Elle's Spell is a very rich, intense red jelly base with LOTS of  red/orangish-gold
flakes.  They sometimes show a bit of green in certain lights/angles.
Outside, full sun . . . FINALLY! :-D
Ahhh, so beautiful!  Trina really does look almost black in certain lighting.
But look at those flakes, just chilling in their bottle! *swoon
Elle's Spell dried fairly quickly & applied super, super easily!  Lots of different sized flakes in one easy swipe.  And the base is really very highly pigmented.  I may have to try building it up on its own sometime.
I'm very pleased with how this mani turned out, and my nails are getting LONG!!  YAY!  Oh, some other random comments: I loooove the satin feel of the matte coat (can't stop touching my accent nails) . . . NYC's is the first matte coat I've tried and I love it.  Can't beat the price either; $1.72 at Wal-Mart.
Hehe, just realized that the Seche is so shiny in this photo, it's practically acting like a mirror - you can darn near make out my reflection! :-P

So, in closing, I have to pay tribute to one of my favorite TV show characters, BAU Section Chief Erin Strauss from CBS' Criminal Minds.  ***Spoiler alert***

She dies a horribly sad death in part 1 of the finale that was on tonight. :-(  So sad!  Rest in peace, Erin; you will be missed!!  
Why??? WHY do awesome characters hafta be killed off?!?! :-/

Sorry, but I had to share this one too; I love candid behind-the-scenes shots! :-D
Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia and Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss 

Did anyone else watch this finale and get as emotional as I did?  Pretty sure my roommate was wondering why the heck I kept yelling "NOOOOooo!!!  Are you KIDDING me?!  Oh my...oh my GOSH! NO!" :-P


  1. These are both beautiful polishes! I have heard of Elle's Spell but didn't realize it was flakies. And's pretty!! I love these together...but...I just can't seem to like the whole matte thing. I know, I know!! To me it just looks strange. Maybe I need to try it myself?

    1. And I'm really sorry about your awesome character's death. I felt that way TWICE during Downton Abbey.

    2. Yes, they are beauty queens in my book! And YES, you should try mattifying something...just go out and get the cheapo NYC stuff & give it a go. ;-) Thank you for the! It's more like, I enjoy that actress in any role she plays & but she's not in a lot of things, so I hate to see her leave this show too. :-( If you watched the TV show 24, she played a similar role in a couple of the seasons.

  2. GOREOUSSSSS and thank you for posting for me, lol :) I love the flakies over Trina and it looks very cool mattified on your long, pretty nailses :D SO RUDE, that Trina bubbled, though. Juleps have some funny formulas but they are so darned pretty!
    Bummer about your favorite character biting the dust. They say it makes for compelling tv but it's more like they enjoy playing with our emotions. lol.

    1. GOREous, huh?? LOL ;-P You're welcome, daaahling! I agree (obviously), I'm almost positive I gasped when I saw it HERE (, and immediately went over to evilBay in hopes of finding a listing that wouldn't be atrociously priced. I happened across my favorite kind: make an offer!!! :D I did, and got it for $5, shipping included. :D :D *happy dance
      Yes, I've heard all-over-the-board reviews about Juleps, another reason I'm still pondering a Maven subscription.
      Mmmhmm, I'm sure they had high ratings last night; tons of crushed viewers tuning in (compelling TV + playing with emotions). -_-

  3. No, I don't watch that...I'm pretty much exclusively a reality tv watcher:) And no one really dies on those :) Weird that Trina bubbled??? I have a bottle and haven't had that problem. It looks pretty though!?

    1. Hahaha, I'd hope not! ;-) Yeah it is weird but I think the humidity has something to do with it, or maybe I shook the bottle too much, or didn't wait long enough for it to dry... ugh, too many variables. Yes, I do LOVE the color!! :-D So dark and mysterious, and then, BAM - purple shimmer! Thank you again for sending it to me!!!