Friday, May 3, 2013

Beauty in a bottle, babyyyy!

After how much I raved about this polish on Monday, I'm sure y'all knew I would have a full post up about it very soon! ;-)  I actually put it on the very night I got my package from Llarowe in the mail.  I was so eager in fact, that I didn't even take the time to put on a base coat! :O  It was also a bit of test, to see what kind of carnage would ensue (and how quickly) since part of my blogging goals are to report on the staying power of a polish.

This also ties into why I can't make myself to swatches like most of the well-known polish bloggers always do after getting a collection or haul.  Another reason is that I can't bear to waste the beauty (or the money, for that matter!) by taking a polish off after only having it on long enough to take pictures. :-(   Maybe I'll be able to do it in time, but for now, I just can't.  So I apologize for not doing full, gorgeous mani swatches of each polish in my haul, but I assure you each of them WILL show up here in some way, shape, or form, at some point in time!  :-)

Ok - had to get that out there!  Now, on to the mani!!  :-)  This is the magnificence of Let Them Eat...What? by Hare Polish, from The Last Queen of France Spring 2013 collection.  I think H.P. could be one of my all-time favorite indie brands . . . my bank account is singing something to the tune of "killing me softly . . ." ;-)
LTEW has FANTASTIC coverage - I honestly think a person could get by with one coat, but two gives it more depth, almost in a jelly-like way.  I guess the base could be considered a shimmery crelly, so that would be why!

Can I just say I LOVE these labels?!  That is a big part of what attracted me in the first place.
Might as well walk around with a sign that says: "sucker for packaging."

I originally thought the formula was perfectly butter-like, but as I went on, it proved to be a tad . . . sticky? "dry?"  Not really DRY, dry, but you know what I mean???  I suppose it could have something to do with the actual drying time being fairly short (3-5 mins?).
The formula also leaned towards being one of those ones where if you go over it too many times, it'll get bald patches - better to do a quick, less than meticulous coat and let it level itself out. ;-)
THE CLAW!  "Claw chooses who will go & who will stay!"  Name that movie, anyone?
The glitter payload is also great, and you don't have to work for it, although I would recommend the standard tipping the polish upside down before using it to get the relatively bigger particles to STEP ON UP!    They may seem like they'd be rough & stick-uppy (esp. with the squares), but the glitters lay down very well and it dries quite decently smooth.
The glitter colors - OH how I love them!!  The maker describes it as: "a soft white jelly with a blend of various shapes/sizes of hot orange, baby pink, white & gold glitter. This shade is highlighted by a delicate silver shimmer." It sounds like a weird combination, but trust me, it WORKS, and it's captivating. Like I said in my April 29th post, it's definitely passable as a neutral/office appropriate, but that hot reddish-orange is a great pop of color to those of us who pay attention to every facet of a polish. If you asked my dad to have a look at LTEW, he'd probably query: "why did you paint your nails with White-Out?!" :-P

Notice how I hid that 'lil chip behind the rose?  Hehe ;-)

Regarding the wear time without base coat, it actually wasn't too bad. Of course, the two coats of Seche Vite probably had something to do with that! ;-)
My fingers that I use the most (thumbs, pointers) chipped first and some came off as one whole nail (hence the smidge of bare pointer nail in the 1st picture!  My apologies for that, btw.  I think I put this on Monday night and finally just picked the rest of it off today.  Some of the nails were still completely intact (pinkies, middles).  So I'd say that's pretty darn good for no base!  Speaking of, I'd LOVE recommendations for a good base coat.  I've been using a run-of-the-mill Revlon base, and it is now half-gone & sooo goopy and stringy every time I pull the brush out of the bottle, it's like I'm spinning a spider web.

Not a very high-quality image, but the lighting is such that you can see the beauty of the golden glitters.
And of COURSE the cute hare!!

There you have it, folks!  I hope you enjoyed yet another "novel" by yours truly! :-)  Have a great weekend!!

Oh - on that note, I believe you'll be getting two posts from me in two days, as I'm going to a waterpark with my sister and her 3 kids, so today at work, I planned a mani to match my swimsuit. ;-)  Hehe, YES, I'm also one of THOSE people!



  1. Toy Story!! :)

    What a gorgeous polish. You're right about Hare Polish. They just convinced me to purchase 2 of them. This one is so pretty on you, and it does remind me of cake, LOL! And I'm so glad to hear you match your nails with your clothes! :D That's exactly how I can justify wearing all manner of bold colors to the office and still look pulled together! Oh, and get yourself a bottle of Seche Restore...when your polish or base or top coats get stringy, it will bring them back to life. :)

    1. Yay! You win...I have no idea what! haha ;-) Like I said, I LOVE Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks movies, and probably have most of them memorized.
      Really? Which ones did you get?! Aw, thank you for the kind compliment!!! :-D Oh, that cloth with the gauze roses is actually a tank top I wore under a bright coral zip-up hoodie the first day I wore the polish to work. ;-) PERFECT outfit match! I guess I should say I only match the 1st day I do a mani...after that, it's kinda whatever.
      Thank you for the idea! I think once this bottle is gone though, I just wanna try a different brand of base.

    2. I got Bury the Hatchetfish and Return to Nature. Really excited about both of them! Oh, and BTW, you *want* Just Busta Mauve. :)

    3. Oooh, I heard good things about Bury the Hatchetfish. Can't say that offhand, I remember what Return to Nature looks like, but I'm sure it's lovely.
      Yeah, I read Scrangie's review & swatches of it and I'm convinced. ;-)

  2. I totally feel like the big dogs can keep their major swatching posts. Once in a while, it's fun to do a big post around multiple looks with a glitter or something, but for the most part, I'm with you. I want to be able to enjoy the pretty colors on my nailses for at least a full day, lol.
    BUNNY!! I want one of these polishes just for the label. And seriously, all these cake references today... this beauty, Essie's gorgeous wedding cake... I want a big freakin' piece of red velvet cake for breakfast REALLLL bad.

    1. Glad to hear you feel the same. Although I must say I love that the blogging world has room for all of us! :-) Without big sWATCHdogs (hehe!), I wouldn't have a way of knowing what polishes I really want and which ones just look good in the bottle. Today at Target, I almost bought a NOPI and a L'Oreal that I LOVED on sight (Just Bust a Mauve and Creme Puffs, respectively), but resisted and told myself I should look up swatches/reviews first to make sure. ;-)
      Haha, YES, BUNNY!! :-D I love bunnies! Used to have two, actually. I definitely recommend you get some Hare Polish. I might be fascinated by Amethystos too. Ooh, I gotta head over and check out Essie's cake! I hope you get some cake!! :-)
      Oh, btw, I picked up the Sundays by the Seine balm today!! :-D