Thursday, May 1, 2014

My favorite kind of cake!! ...maybe.

Honestly, I don't even remember how I stumbled upon Hare Polish or Llarowe, but I know it was towards the very beginning of my obsession with indies and well, the rest is history!  Here we have (for the 2nd time on this blog; 1st time here) Hare Polish's Let Them Eat...What?  :D
Despite the newbie blogger quality of the aforementioned post, I do urge you to check it out in lieu of the fact that my 1-year blogiversary recently passed, and this polish was among those first few posts, so it felt quite serendipitous to show it again now.  It's rather cool to look back and see what I've learned about nail blogging over a year (mostly relating to nail care and nail photography)!

No, you do not need to rush to the phone and make an eye doctor appointment!!  I almost sent this photo to the sad, black "recycle" bin of doom, but decided the lovely ethereal quality made it worthy of keeping and yes, even being shown on the blog!  
This is two coats of LTEW and two of Revlon Parfumerie China Flower, with a simple gradient-ish thing of butter LONDON West End Wonderland, all topped - carefully - with Seche Vite.
Hare Polishes are typically replete with glitter and somehow still manage to be decently smooth to the touch, which is a big part of why I love them, but this one is just a HARE less smooth. ;)

Hare Polish

Ah!  Here we go - your 20/20 vision has been restored!! hehe  Like I said the first time around, there is just something about LTEW that I absolutely love... it is bold yet demure at the same time.  Those coral-y, orange-y red matte glitters sure do POP (and are 90% of what drew me to this polish), but it's not totally in your face because they're tempered by the slightly shimmery off-white crelly base and its pastel pink, white, and gold glitters in various shapes and sizes.  You can see just what I mean by taking a gander at the bottle below!

Hare Polish

This was actually my Easter mani!  Didn't plan it or anything, and errrm... it certainly did not match my outfit (plum ruffly tank, black cardigan, and a cream skirt with black lace print chevrons), but I feel that the HARE makes it all okay! ;)  And it really is just such a beautiful polish that I love this mani in spite of my affinity for matching my outfit to my polish.  Yes, I usually do it that way, not the other way around like most normal people!  Oh and of course I was thrilled to find I had THE  perfect match to those coral-y red glitters!  I honestly am feeling like all the Parfumerie polishes have the same scent (strange, fruity, with the occasional hint of what the name actually IS), but I really don't care.  The color is fun and bright and I'm thinking summer pedi for sure!  :)  

"And NOW (*insert dramatic movie theater preview voice here)... coming soon to a blog near you:"  more Bear Pawlishes!!!  Hot off the mail truck this afternoon!  ♥

Disclaimer: Holo Back Girl is pulling deceptively purple here!  Much more fuchsia IRL!!


  1. I love how you are constantly thinking outside the box...I would have never put LTEW and China Flower together, but that's what you do all the time...and it always looks so crazy good! <3

    1. Awwww thank you so much, dear one!! :D And guess what I JUST paired tonight: Bear Pawlish Are You a Bad Fish Too? (pale dusty blue w/lavender duochrome & pale blue glitters) with an accent of L'Oreal Orange You Jealous? topped with Shimmer Natalie! :D hehehe!
      Btw, I am sorry my comments on your blog have been so lacking lately! Every weekend I think I'm gonna have time to catch up and before I know it, Sunday night rolls around. :(

    2. Just wanted to thank you ladies for the random stroke of inspiration I got from the original post and comments after (about unexpected pairings) I haven't checked out your blog in a long time Em but had a spur of the moment "I should really look at that" this happened to be the post I looked at and was here for about 30 seconds before I got inspiration and set to work. I have about 7 colors i my arsenal (sad, yes. But I am lucky to find the time to do one allover solid color on my nails, much less something you could consider art.) I suddenly had an idea and paired 3 of my colors that I would have never thought to use together. The base, a very pale soft super shimmery metallic pink (a lot of gold tones, anise brand, no idea what shade) about 1/3 up an equally shimmery metallic fuchsia (nicole brand, back in my gloria days) and another 1/3 up pretty much the same shade of fuchsia but MUCH less sparkly (more smooth metallic) (covergirl outlast brand, grapevine) it's simple but has a really cool subtle change. I just wanted to thank you ladies for the inspiration to try something new! (My original plan was to just remove the chipping polish on my nails and go to bed :p )