Wednesday, May 14, 2014

When a non-polish-aholic gives you polish... is all the more special & sweet!!!  :D  The company I work for employs somewhere in the ballpark of 2700 people so it's no surprise that this new friend and I never crossed paths before.  All I can say is I am so incredibly thankful that we have and not only that, but we've become close friends in a matter of a couple months or less!  So imagine my surprise when this was waiting for me on Good Friday:

No, those aren't rabbit droppings, but they do look a LOT like them!  Which totally made me laugh. :)  Inside the very pretty fabric flower rimmed basket, there were 3 polishes (Orly Miss Conduct, Nicole by OPI Rich in Spirit, NOPI A Million Sparkles), the softest plush bunny I've ever had the privilege of petting, a gift card for the coffee shop where we work, AND as you can see, a card which was probably the best part of the whole surprise.  I'm big on cards, especially when they have heartfelt messages written in them. ♥

And this is what I did with the aforementioned polishes!!

I don't even know how I came up with this idea, but all of a sudden I knew I wanted to use Rich in Spirit for the base color, do a reverse glitter gradient with A Million Sparkles, and finally a plaid-esque accent nail with Miss Conduct!  I dare say it came out pretty close to what I envisioned!! WIN.

When you're at work, sans polish bottles, use your matching plaid coat for blog photos!! 

Hehe I just realized that the chromey foil finish of RiS + Seche Vite ended up reflecting ME in my pointer finger!!! LOL  
ANYhoo... after applying two easy breezy coats of RiS over Nail Pattern Boldness's Glitter A-peel, I used a triangular makeup sponge to apply A Million Sparkles (LITERALLY! haha) at the base of each nail, minus my ring finger which got a careful application of striping tape in as close to a plaid pattern as I could manage.  One swift coat of Miss Conduct later, and some just as careful removal of the tape, and TA DAA!  Super cool manicure, at your service. :)

This photo is from tonight when Deb & I went out for supper after work. :)  We had a wonderful time (well, I know *I* did, anyways!!), simply enjoying eachothers' company and chatting for, ohh, 2 hours or so!  It really means a lot when someone takes time out of their life to spend with you.  I've always tried to remember the value of that, and thank my friends for it.  Time truly is  precious!
This incredibly sweet lady has been through unbelieveable heartache in her lifetime, and still has such a caring heart and a beautiful smile on her face. ♥

Rich in Spirit

Ugggh I do not understand why my skintones are all over the board in these photos!  Oh well, I guess the most important thing is that the color of the polish came out accurately, right?  Of course  right!!  (Fiddler on the Roof line right there!)  lol
And how awesome is it that the reflection + the air bubble in the bottle formed what looks to me like a lightning bolt?!  :D  

Miss Conduct... naughty, naughty!  So much magenta scattered holographic beauty!

A Million Sparkles
YUP, there they are!!  LOL  I don't really like the lighting nor the pose, and the fact that the big drop on my pointer shifted and got deformed, but it does  show each glitter in very clear detail, so I decided to use it anyway. :)

Thank you all for visiting my blog in all its randomness & erm, highly sporadic/infrequent posts!  If I may, I urge you to take time today to thank those dear, special people in your life simply for being a part of it.  And most importantly: be sure to tell them you love them. :)  If there's one thing that Deb has reminded me of, it's that you never know when you'll no longer have the opportunity to do so.


  1. What a lovely post. <3 You DO know that you attract sweet people because you're so sweet yourself, right? :) But I have to hand it to Deb...the rabbit droppings are just an amazing touch, LOL. And your mani is cute all over the place. I love what you did with the 3 colors, and I love Miss Conduct in general. :)

    1. HUGE AWWWWWWWWWWW here!!! :D hehe! Um well, I GUESS that would make logical sense, now that you mention it. :P You truly are so sweet also, Mo!!! And more importantly, you are a Godly woman. I'm ashamed to say I've been in such a "slump" for quite some time, and my resolve to get out of it quickly melts away & I'm right back where I started. :-/
      So uhh YES, rabbit droppings!! :P Of course every plush bunny leaves adorable raisin droppings as it hops into its basket! Didn't you know that?! :P (she was going to use Raisinettes, but forgot them at home)

  2. What a sweet gesture!! You both are lucky to have each other in your lives!! Good people are few and far in between and I can tell that you both are that exactly. What a super cute presentation and I'm right there with you, I, too, am a card person!!! I have a long-standing relationship with Hallmark and I always have to put one of those gold seals on the back of the envelope! That mani is adorable!! I now need all 3 of those polishes!!

    1. Yes, it really was so very sweet of her, and I'm very thankful for the friendship we are forming - same goes for the friendships I have with my blogger buddies from afar, like you, muh dear!!! :D It's always so enjoyable to chat with you, whether it's a couple of days in a row, or weeks go by in between chats, it's always a bright spot in my day. :)
      Woot woot!! CARDS RULE! I would hate to know how much money I've spent thus far in my lifetime on cards... I bet you & I have kept Hallmark afloat. :P Although I on the other hand have never used a legitimate Hallmark gold seal. :O Don't think I've ever even seen one.
      Ohh thank you hon! YOUR manis/swatches have all been soooo amazing & I really feel like scum for not getting over to your blog to comment. :( And uh my apologies for enabling you... I guess it was my turn, after Liesl's "bad influence" on me. :P lol

  3. Lovely post! And what Mo said is true-- you really are one of the sweetest, most thoughtful souls I've met and you truly raise the bar on what it means to be a friend (well, all you gals do... I get into these self indulgent antisocial phases ad they're hard to shake). RAISINS!!! Good-ness. lol. The power of suggestion just might have gotten the better of me and I might just look at raisins in a slightly different light, lol... Anyhoo, what a sweet and thoughtful gift and cheers to burgeoning friendships. Your nails look fab and that leetle lightening bolt is pretty sweet :)