Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I concur: Alcatraz...Rocks!

Good evening!  Brr, it's gettin' cold in here, so put on lots more clothes! :P  ...yet another frigid fall evening here in Minnesota...  I really hope that perhaps some of you are lucky enough to live in places that aren't the closest thing to another ice age! ;)
Okay, it's not quite that  bad at the moment, but come January I can assure you I'll be yelling on a daily basis (as I clean a mountain of snow off my car for the millionth time): "Why on earth do I live here?!?!"

So I think that besides the ever-plummeting temperature (and the fact that I watched The Day After Tomorrow  over the weekend), this mani has me thinking about snow and ice.  See what I mean?

I hate winter, but I LOVE this!! :D  I do have to admit however, that I got the idea from Polished Elegance.  Her post confirmed that I needed Alcatraz...Rocks.  It really is a gorgeous texture polish with soooo many pretty sparkles!  Here's AR "naked":

The base has more purple in it than is showing up here, for some odd reason.  I used two coats, no base and of course, no top coat.  Although I really did want to try some over this polish because I've seen a lot of people show the other side of a texture polish once it's transformed by a glossy top coat. :)  
Compared to my Zoya & Julie G textures (and even OPI Jinx), I must say AR did not wear quite as well (4 days vs. 7 or so) before I got some noticeable tip wear and a couple decent sized chips.  Maybe next time I'll use some Orly Bonder under it.

Dry time was average, maybe 7ish minutes for it to get completely textured.  GAH those sparkles get me every time!  They're by no means holo, but oh so purty!

After wearing nakey AR for a couple days, I knew I had to try the stamping thang over it, so I busted out my Pure Ice Silver Mercedes and Bundle Monster plate 214.  Although I really like the full-size image that Polished Elegance used, this design is one of my favorites from the set I have, and it's got a similar aesthetic.  
Several of my blogger buddies have insisted lately that they could never do stamping, so I also wanted to add this to show how pretty and easy it is!  Seriously took me 10 minutes, start to finish to do both hands.  I wish I could say I have a tutorial video to show you the process, but I have never tried making one and wasn't about to start at 12:30 in the morning!  So you'll hafta settle for watching this one; the video that sparked my addiction to all things nail related. ;)  For reals!

Oy, speaking of 12:30 am, it's nearly that time again so I really need to get to bed before my under-eye craters get any deeper & darker - if that's possible! :-/  For everyone's sake, I sure hope not! :P

I leave you with a parting shot:

Have fun, be merry, and stamp like your life depends on it!!


  1. Very pretty! Great job. You stamp like you have stamped for years:) I hear ya about Minnesota:( But it makes us appreciate Spring and Summer even more, right? Melissa was just telling me that she is jealous about our weather. She only has two seasons...warm and hot. Let her spend a winter here and see what she says.

    1. Thank you dearie!! :D See?! That's the beauty of stamping - ANYone can make it look perfect in hardly any time at all. I guess... however I appreciate summer & fall the most. ;) Spring just makes me think of constant rain and mud - two of my least favorite things, especially when you have 12 dog paws to wipe off multiple times a day. LOL
      Oh yeah, exactly! MN winter is a life-altering event!! Like, it might kill you!

  2. And yet...I am STILL jealous of you girls! ;) I get tired of wearing the same clothes year-round. :P This is so pretty!! And gee, I wonder who you had in mind whilst talking about your friends who were saying they wouldn't try stamping?? I tell you what...if you do a video tutorial of YOURSELF, I will try stamping. :D And I love that close-up shot of your thumb...you can see all the colors!!

    1. Ugh trust me, swapping out the summer and winter totes of clothes gets old in a hurry.
      Thank you!! I do have to say again, I CONCUR! lol :D Hmmm well I surely wasn't talking about JUST you, since I said "several of my blogger buddies." So unless you happen to somehow be more than one person...
      Challenge accepted!! I will get on that this weekend or next week, perhaps. ;)
      YES the sparklies are just to die for! I hope you get this polish, if it's not already in your "'stache!" :P