Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HITS Mari Moon Super Cute!! - and it IS

Long spans of time between posts unfortunately seems to have become the norm rather than the exception for me. :-/  I do not like feeling like blogging is a chore, but lets admit it, we all have that feeling sometimes!  So I guess I just have to push through it and DO a post whether I'm all "in the mood" for it or not. :P  I think I'm gonna do something sliiightly  different and let the pictures doing the talking for the most part - because they speak volumes about this polish!

Nail polish acne! Naacne?  Eeeeew. :(

I used one coat of Super Cute over two coats of Color Club Revvvolution because I figured some holo on holo action can't hurt!  And Revvvolution is a good charcoal color so that helps intensify the color shift because not only is Super Cute a linear holo, it is also stunning multichrome as I'm sure you can see. :)  There are flashes of turquoisey teal, cool violet, warm violet, and a medium/pale blue.
The accent nail is Hare Polish Neon Palm from their late summer collection, I believe?  I LOVE Neon Palm and I think it goes beautifully with Super Cute. :)  Both are Llarowe purchases; Super Cute from my very first order and Neon Palm from my most recent. 
I do apologize for the bubbles & the nubs. :-/  This is a bit of a flashback post to before my lovely friend Abby gave me her OPI Nail Envy to try & the bubbles...well, there's no good excuse for them!  What can I say?  I couldn't wait to get this beauty on my nails!!  :P  Aaaand I probably needed to go to bed. 

Outside, with a setting sun :)
This is Neon Palm over nothing - I accidentally put Revvvolution under it on the other hand.

Good night all!  And to all a good night!  (I must be feeling a bit Christmas-y) lol :P


  1. Those Mari Moon polishes are really lovely. Isn't that the brand where you got a hold of a brush that you described as a glittery sea urchin?? LOLOL...I'm glad you're loving Neon Palm. It is easily the most insane polish I own...but I still like it. :)

    1. Technically the brand is Hits, Mari Moon being a collection I believe, but YES, you are right... Chameleon had a sea urchin-y brush. :P And lovely is an understatement! They're...they're... stunning beyond all reason! ;)
      Neon Palm is a bit of an odd duck, but I seriously love it! Every time I open my "indie box," I hafta take it out and ogle it. :P One of these days I just need to finally wear it as a full mani.

  2. Oh hello sweet Emily, so happy to see a post of you!!!! Mind you, we all know this feeling but blogging ought to be Fun but we always manage to put ourselves under pressure - I blame that "perfect little housewive" trauma we seem to have firmly implanted and that makes us start way too many thoughts with "have to" or "should". Shouldn't we just get over this and say "it is what it is"? And I will just be happy to see you round whenever you feel like. But on to nails, right? Super Cute looks bombastic on you - from your photos it looks to be very similar to Enchanted Polish Across the Universe! And a much cheaper and easier to find polish at that. I wore Neon Palm just the other day as full mani - it looked fabulous but oh my, it took me some elbow grease to get it off again!!! Perfect combination and next time I will also go for accent nails only to safe me some sweat. I did try the foil method by the way but went back to the good old "normal" way - those foils don't save any time but you end up way more with stained nails than with the simple rubbing off!!! Have a lovely Sunday xxx

    1. Awww, it's so nice to have a lovely LONG comment from you, Christine!! :D I was beginning to think I'm the only one that leaves massive, paragraph-like comments on posts. :P Well, I guess Liesl is good at that too. :)
      Oh I assure you I am far from a perfect housewife! I hate cleaning, don't do much cooking (I can if I have to, but I'm slow), and oh yeah, I'm single, so I truly have no idea what it's like to be a housewife! But anyways, I agree, we should just say "it is what it is" and not stress over what is supposed to be a hobby. :)
      Bombastic!! Nice word! I haven't heard that one in awhile - and it is super fun! :D Hmm I have seen a few swatches of AtU and you might be awesome is that?! Although technically not cheaper - it may be half the price ($7) but the bottle is also half the size, so it's really the same difference. ;)
      I'm sorry to hear the foil method didn't help you at all. :-/ I think the solution for these amazing glitters is to get something like the Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter A Peel basecoat... have you tried the DIY version with Elmer's (or some sort of PVA) glue + water? I did once, but I think I needed more glue in the mix.