Thursday, July 18, 2013

Orly fOWL Play

Hello, bom dia, greetings, bonjour, salutations, buenos días, greetings  - to my readers and WELCOME to any guests that have stopped by, via MY VERY FIRST GUEST POST EVER, which can be found at Guilty As Charged! :-D  I am so honored that Haleigh asked me to do a post for her while she's on vacation.  So, I busted out some nail art, and some really pretty polish, of course. ;-)  Please visit her blog for the full scoop, but here is a photo taken a full week after I did this mani:

Only one major chip!  And that just showed up the day I took this photo. WOW.  He's one tough 'lil guy!!  And I really hated to say goodbye to him. :-(  A brief eulogy: thank you Mr. Owl, for being such a hoot, hanging out so long with Fowl Play, and always making me smile during the day. :-)  Ok, yes, I'm a bit of a weirdo!  Then again, it's almost 2 am & I've been up since 6 am yesterday, sooo YEAH . . . 

Sorry - I digress!  Thank you for stopping by and/or checking out my blog for the first time, and to those that haven't visited Guilty As Charged, please do so!  She always rocks some totally creative nail art!! :-)


  1. You did a great guest post! You're a talented gal. I like Fowl Play very, very much. :D

    And thanks for the literal LOL thanking Mr. Owl for being a hoot. ;)

  2. Hehehe!! You're welcome! :-D I like making funnies. ;-) And I'm glad you like Fowl Play! If you do not have it, GET IT!!!

  3. Soooo cute! I am a big owl fan and a big fan of this mani:)

    1. :-D Thank you, Essie dear! Ow'll paint an owl on your nails for you, if we get to meet one day. :-D