Wednesday, July 10, 2013

China Glaze Shell-O: A dedication post

Have you ever picked up a polish (or looked at pictures online) and it instantly reminds you of someone you know?  That's what Shell-O did for me.  You see, Mshell happens to be my nickname for my best friend, Michelle.  And many of her family members call her "Shel."  :-)  So Shell-O was a must-have for that reason alone.  The beautiful, bold neon and the squishy jellyness don't hurt either. :-)

This is Shell-O:

This is the most color-accurate photo I could get. But shockingly enough, it's amazingly accurate!
I now fully understand how tricky neons are.
And this is "Mshell!"

I got a legit Polaroid Spectra 2, and this was the first photo I had taken with it. :-D  LOVE!

Okay, okay, something that looks like it's from this century:

You may recognize this as my profile photo on hurrr... We were at the MOA (Mall of America) over my b-day weekend this year.  Our first actual girls' weekend AWAY in 3 years!

I will come back around to the nitty-gritty of the polish (oh wait, this one doesn't have any texture!), but I hope you'll bear with me for a bit.  If not, feel free to scroll past all the mushy stuff! ;-)

I truly believe that one of the greatest gifts God has given us - second only to the gift of his Son - are rare, true friends.  And let me tell you, he went all-out with Michelle!
Have you ever met someone that you just totally click with; someone that "gets" you, and over not very much time at all, you feel totally comfortable to be yourself with?  That someone for me is Michelle. :-)  She's been such a loving, PATIENT, supportive, encouraging voice in my life over the past three years we've known eachother.  Life has shown her a lot of joy and also a lot of sorrow in her short 44 years, but I think those ups and downs have made her one tough and quick-to-laugh cookie!  Not to mention, an incredibly WISE cookie . . . ahhh . . . my favorite kind!  ;-)

The most recent photo of us - GLAMOUR SHOT - last week when she got her braces off (that was the momentous occasion I mentioned in my Glass Slippers post).
Despite her uber-busy life that consists of taking care of a house and husband and 3 teenage boys, two part-time jobs, teaching voice & piano lessons, blogging (check out some serious & humorous wisdom at Pianogirl Speaks & Women in Ministry Change the World!), leadership roles in both women's and Friday School ministries at our church, leading a worship team and being a member of two others, plus playing piano for a men's quartet from our church, oh AND directing summer productions at the local theater, SHE STILL FINDS TIME to spend with me!
And not just "time," but real quality time; really listening to my issues - which I seem to have more of than a magazine stand - and offering apt advice or simply a caring,sympathetic ear, or laughter & pure goofy silliness, copious amounts of hilarity which go straight to my quote book, serious conversations, new adventures, praying for eachother, loads of encouragement in so many areas (IRL I have pretty darn low self-esteem, for one), and my personal favorite: hugs. :-)  Really, the list just goes on & on.
BUT, if you want me to "bottom-line it for ya" (a phrase Michelle frequently uses): basically she's the best friend a woman could ask for & I love her to death!!

True friendship: we have it. :-)
True beauty: she has it. :-)

OK, we now return to our regularly scheduled program!
I typically steer clear of polishes whose reviews state you need 3 or 4 coats for it to look good, but for some reason unbeknownst to me, jellies intrigue me, despite the piles of reviews that rage against the 4-5 coats needed for the polishes in this collection.  This is 5 or 6 coats...I can't be sure, I was so captivated by the beauty and color, I didn't care, and I was watching a movie while doing my nails, so I just kept piling 'em on! ;-)  Dry time was obviously fast, and the formula easy to work with.  It's worth mentioning that Shell-O dried to an unbelieveable high-gloss finish...I really didn't need a topcoat, but I wanted to protect the awesomeness!

The accent nail is two coats of Jindie Nails Nude Beach - again - LOVE!!!  Neon glitters are my true weakness, and this lovely off-white, sandy-colored crelly base is just so perfect.  White mini stars, small & medium white hexes, & small opalescent hexes are the finishing touch and totally make me think of a beach at summertime. Pretty sure I need a full-size bottle of this one!  My only issue is the formula seems to be a bit gloopy.  Again, thank goodness that is an issue that can be easily fixed with thinner.  So please go get yourself a Nude Beach (instead of going to a nude beach) . . . much easier on the eyes! 
I believe her new summer collection is coming out next week?  It looks AMAZING.

I am pleased as punch with this combo and will definitely be something I wear again!  I hope you're willing to give a couple of the China Glaze Summer 2013 Sunsational jellies a chance.  Pretty sure Are You Jelly? (purple) and You Drive Me Coconuts (purple-toned pink) will be joining my stash!

And ladies, I encourage you to take a moment to write a card or send a text or SOMEthing to let your dearest friends know how much you appreciate them.  I assure you, it'll mean more than you may ever know. :-)


  1. What a wonderful post!! Michelle sounds like an awesome girl. I'm so glad you have a friend like that. ;) She needs to bottle up some of her energy and send me some, LOL...I've never been able to click quite that way with anybody who didn't also have my peculiar blood. Thank the Lord I have a sister, LOLOL...

    And what a gorgeous combo you created! Jellies are such a weakness of mine...they fascinate me. (I probably sound like a toddler, hahaha.) Although I'm not a huge fan of coral for myself, I love it on other people, and it looks great with your skin. I love that Jindie glitter too...I am going nuts over milky glitters these days! And LOVE LOVE LOVE that last photo!! :)

    1. Thank you, Melissa!! :-D I'm really glad I did this post...I just wish I could share Michelle with all of you! ...Or that everyone I know would have a "Michelle" of their own. ;-) I agree about the energy thing; I really have no idea how she does it. She'd probably say: LOTS and LOTS of coffee! hahaha She IS the person who got me addicted to it, after all. It's sooo cool that you and your sister are so close. My only "blood" sibling is my 21-yr-old brother, so yeah...he's awesome, but we aren't gonna be gettin' together & doing our nails or anything! Well, I suppose we could...but his version would probably consist of scraping out the grime with a wire coat hanger. :-P

      I just bought 2 more jellies from this collection, so I think it's safe to say they're a weakness of mine too! ;-) How can you not like coral when you wore that Pretty Jelly Melon Sangria so well?! Nude Beach is FAB - I urge you to get a bottle when she re-stocks!!! Thank you thank you thank you for your kind words about my photos!!! :-D

  2. What a great post! Michelle is very lucky to have you as well and I'm sure she feels the exact same way about you. I bet she loved this dedication! And what a fun manicure! I love everything about this post:) Take care!

    1. Aww, thank you, Essie! *blushes & scuffs ground with toe
      I would like to think she feels the same way...pretty sure she does. ;-) She just doesn't get all mushy & verbal about it like I do. ;-) lol
      So glad you enjoyed the mani as well - I'm definitely adding it to my list of top 10 fave looks!
      You take care as well, hon! I promise, I WILL get back to emailing you - one of these days... *hangs head in shame

    2. No problem, I know how summers go:) As you know, I'm not mooshy and verbal about my feelings either. It's a little easier to type them, so if she is like me, she would probably be able to email you her feelings;)

  3. "I truly believe that one of the greatest gifts God has given us - second only to the gift of his Son - are rare, true friends." This. Also, "*blushes & scuffs ground with toe" I do this exact thing in post comments from time to time, lol.

    Michelle sounds amazing and you are truly blessed to have such a person in your life ♥ Beautiful post. I RULLY like that Jindie and Shell-o is pretty sweet, too :)

    1. :-D :-D I've been quoted!! And a highly important quote, at that! :-) And um, the reason the other quote sounds so familiar is because I essentially "copied" you verbatim from some comment you left on a previous post, or a reply to one of my comments on a post of yours! LOL!! You know what they say...mimicry is the greatest/highest? form or flattery...

      Yes, she truly is a gem! And I feel blessed for MANY reasons every single day, that one being darn near the top of the list. You, Essie, and Melissa are right up there too, fyi. :-)
      Awwww thank you!! :-D And like I said: "please go get yourself a Nude Beach (instead of going to a nude beach). . . much easier on the eyes!" hehehe So do it - do it right now! Err...when she has her next re-stock. ;-P