Friday, June 7, 2013

Liquid Lacquer - Safety Stick

I do declare this probably is quite possibly my most favorite indie polish of all time!!! (or at least the last 6 months since I started my obsession).  I originally saw this on some random blog while looking for swatches of the China Glaze Textures collection.  The blogger happened to have a CG Texture as her accent nail, but the rest were Safety Stick in all its glory!  I'm fairly certain I gasped & said: "" out loud.  It's that awesome.  In my opinion, anyways, since the combination of glitters is all of my favorite things:

Yesssss PLEASE!!!!!!

Bottle shot!  Which turned out waaay clearer than I thought possible with my macro.
Thanks macro man!
 Application was not too bad.  I do think the clear base could've been a tad runnier, but I can always add some thinner if I feel the need.  Better to be too thick to begin with than too runny!  I did do a bit of the dab & place method, but for the most part, all the glitters came out quite easily.  If I'd had time, I definitely would've done two coats to get MORE of the awesomeness on my nails. ;-)

I rather like this pose.  Reminds me of how I'd hold a pool cue, which HAPPENS to be a stick!
I'd like to thank my mom's hanging mini-petunia basket for
having blossoms that nearly match some of the neons. ;-)
I used one coat of NYC French Tip White (DON'T get this one...I was just looking for a cheap white, and that's exactly what I got. It's very gloopy and yet, streaky. :-/ ) with one coat of Safety Stick, topped by a generous coat or two of Seche Vite.

Notice the "stacked" hexes on my ring finger?  I couldn't separate them, so I got a cool rainbow/color wheel effect from purple, pink, and yellow.  They overlapped and created fuchsia and orange. :-)  Nifty!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the sweetest thing about this polish, or rather, its maker.  Once I found Liquid Lacquer's site, I perused it thoroughly, but alas, no Safety Stick. :-(  What to do?!  Not being one to give up on something I love, I found LL on Facebook and private messaged her about it . . . She promptly agreed to make me a bottle, no problem at all, no extra charge for what could be considered a special order.  And I think I got it within a week!  :-D  Now that, folks, is customer service!!!  I'll most definitely be keeping an eye on her site when I have a hankering for a new indie. :-)

If memory serves me correctly, she currently has a code for 25% off your order, and all orders over $75 will include a free, full-size, very limited edition polish.  Check out her FB page for more info:

Have a great weekend, peeps!


  1. That is great customer service! And I hadn't even read that when I placed my Liquid Lacquer order last night, LOL! :) This polish looks great with the petunia basket. :P I like the magenta hexes a lot. :)

    1. Oooh, which ones did you get?! I was really contemplating placing an order this weekend, but BOY, I really shouldn't! My tote for nail polish is as full as it can be! :-/
      Thank you, I thought the flowers were a nice touch. :-)

    2. Ummmm I got...let me think...

      You know you *really* need it when you have to think...Ladie Eve.

      And yes, I just had to look it up. :P

    3. Hahaha! ABSOLUTELY! ;-) I was considering that one. Though I REALLY like Collide Into You.

  2. This is so awesome! And that is great customer service, wow! Love the pool cue shot ;)

  3. Came back to see if you updated your blog. I think I need this polish :)

    1. YIKES, I forgot I had comments I hadn't replied to! :-/ My apologies! Yes, you probably do. :-D I think it might be my most favorite polish ever! Thank you for your kind compliments, m'dear!!