Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I DO like them, Sam I Am!

Today I give you another awesome indie polish: LynBDesigns I Don't Like Them Sam I Am!!  I really can't believe I actually have been going for a couple greens lately.  I don't know what it was about this polish, but when I saw it on Etsy, I kept coming back to it.  So I got an adorable itsy bitsy bottle juuust in case I couldn't handle the green. ;-)

Oh, I handled it, all right! :-)  I really liked the green and the small glitter that added just a bit of a "pop."  The photo is pretty much spot-on, color wise.  I'd describe it as a springy grass green.  Like the first leaves you see on the trees after the buds open.  Oh and get this: it's shimmery.  The glitters I saw were rosy pink and a lovely emerald green.  Supposedly there's also yellow (gold?) glitters in there, but I didn't really notice them, maybe because of the rich green pigment?  It's really quite opaque.  I think I did one, maybe two coats?

Shade, outdoors (hence the darker hue)

Lookit all that sparkle & shimmer!! :-D  The pink glitters are supposed to represent the ham, I believe.  ;-) Nice 'n clever!  My apologies for the weird whitish stuff at the edges of the polish...that would be my new base coat: Essie Fill the Gap.  I like it, but it's not clear, so yeah... I guess in macro photos, it can be noticeable.  One nice thing about it is it seems to be somewhat like those easy removal bases for glitters: I put this on on Thursday night, and by the end of the day Saturday, I think all of them had popped off on their own or I peeled them off.  Granted the fact that I was helping my sister unload a 26' Uhaul might have had something to do with that! ;-)

One of the things I love most about this polish is the label WITH DR. SEUSS FONT!!!  I'm a big fan of words & typography, so this is just a bit of icing on the green cake. :-)  LynB has more than a few fantastic fandom collections...I also purchased a polish from her Princess Bride collection (which I will need to showcase for you soon!)

Overall, I really liked this polish.  The application was good, maybe a tish of dragging, but some of that could've been due to the tiny brush making more strokes necessary & giving the brush more time to dry out when I had it out of the bottle.  Plus I was trying to be uber careful - blast you, clean up!!
So if you never have, or haven't already, head over to LynBDesigns' Etsy shop and look over her beauties!  Oh; and like her Facebook page!  She frequently advertises some great coupon codes (there's an active code for 35% off right now) - even half off!!! WOW.  :O  That truly makes indies more affordable for all, so hats off to her!

Since this is a non-pic-heavy post, I decided it'd be a good time to share a recent-ish photo of my Kali baby:

Awwww! :-D  Sooo tuckered (and stretched!) out! ;-)

Thank you for reading! :-)


  1. I really like this's such a different green and looks very nice on you. :) And yeah, I love when the font matches the product!! :D

    And I love your little baby!!

    1. Thank you, Melissa! I was rather surprised myself to find I liked it! :-D Yup, I was kinda worried my minis wouldn't have any sort of label, but was pleasantly surprised to find she typed up teensy tiny labels just for my bottles (I got Mutual Weirdness too).
      :-D yeah I kinda think she's a keeper! ;-) Even though at times, she seriously annoys me to no end!

  2. I LOVE green polish so much! This is so cool! And what a cute puppy, OMG.

    1. :-D Green is growing on me! Haha! Awww...Kali says "thanks!" ;-) She is pretty adorable...I frequently find myself scooping her up & squeezing her while exclaiming: "ooh, you're so CUUUTE!!" :-P ...followed by kisses on her head, of course.