Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nail mail GALORE!!! WOWZA

This week has been UHmazing!!!  Monday, (in the midst of a blizzard which dumped 18" of snow on us) I came home to the most amazing SURPRISE package from a dear blogger friend; the amazing Melissa of Lacquer Reverie!!!!!!! :D  Just LOOK  at this beauty and generosity!  That would be Strawnana on the left, which has been on my wishlist for quite some time, and on the right, Redivivus from the new spring/summer holos.  My mouth was agape for roughly 5 minutes, staring at ALL THE RAINBOWS!!!  Strawnana is a very pale pink nude crelly with teensy tiny holo sparkles that look like fairy dust, small iridescent & gold squares, and small red metallic & frosty white hexes.  I initially thought Redivivus (meaning reborn, brought back to life) was light pink, but according to the description in her Etsy shop, it's actually a light purple strong linear holo.  Absolutely stunning - to me, it's on par with the famous China Glaze OMG holos. :D

And isn't the handwritten card just precious?!  I love it.  Liz is truly an artist - with polish and  a pen! :)  Of course there were some sweet treats too.  I think that is just so kind... almost all nail mail I've gotten from friends has included candy.  Who doesn't love some sugar?!
Melissa, I cannot refrain from thanking you again; this was such a well-timed, unbelievable surprise!!!!  You are far too kind to me!  I will treasure these polishes forEVER. :D

Then today, I opened the mailbox to find it stuffed with some random mail - who cares about that?! - and both my Northern Star Polish AND my Bear Pawlish orders!!!!!!  Woot woot!  heehehe

^ Look at that!  Made right here in my own state! 

I cannot get over her packaging!  The individual boxes for each polish are so professional and "Minnesota nice!"  Yes, that's a thing. :)  I almost didn't even notice the little "Thank you!" on the flap, but I'm so glad I did.  Attention to detail is what distinguishes excellence from average, in my humble opinion.  Another prime example: the cotton ball tucked in to cuddle the polish and keep it from moving in the box.  Awww!  So warm & snuggly!

Printemps is a bubblegum pink subtle linear holo with icy blue mini flakies.  Somehow I missed them in the description, I guess because upon discovering said flakies, I exclaimed: "oh my gosh!!"  ♥ unexpected beauty :)
Belles Fleurs has sooo many pretty, springy glitters suspended (and very well, I might add!) in a clear base.  I think it'll be absolute perfection over Printemps.  Because I'm big on languages & words in general, the French names for these two polishes are especially endearing to me...even though I speak Spanish, not French.  Mais, je sais un peu de Fran├žais! hehe  I took two semesters in college, as well as one semester of Arabic.  There are far too many fascinating languages out there for me to focus solely on Spanish!  I really wish I'd kept up with those two as well...

Okay, so I ordered two polishes and two cuticle oils... what on earth is this mystery skinny thing?!  Hmm...

LOVE both of these - the scents and the way they make my cutes feel.  Lettuce sounds odd but it is THE perfect fresh grassy, leafy smell I've been looking for in well, anything!

I snagged this haul during Kristin's 2-year celebration sale for her Etsy shop, and I assure you I'll be a repeat customer!  Maybe one day, I'll even get to meet  this genius indie polish maker, as she lives a mere 5.5 hours  away from me. :D  
So, remember that mystery skinny thing?  THIS is what was in it!  She generously included a sample of her bubble gum cuticle oil, which is amazing because I was debating between the cranberry & bubble gum for my full-size purchases (the lettuce scent was a given).  It's like she read my mind!!! :O  Not to mention, it's a BIG sample in my opinion, and I loooove the rollerball applicator.  I've never had a cuticle oil with a rollerball easy, no mess!  Her full-size oils with the doe foot applicators are nice too, but I think I like this better.

Bear Pawlish!!!! RAWR, you are FIERCE!  And punny.  :P  Okay, yes that was cheesy, but I couldn't resist.  This is yet another new indie brand to my stash (wow, all 3 in this post are, actually!) and I cannot say enough good things about these beauts either!!  
Awww! You Guys Made Me Ink! is the lovely coral-leaning pink strong linear holo on the left, which of course is named after the cute little octopus (Pearl) on Finding Nemo, which happens to be one of my most favorite movies of all time, so the name alone was a selling point.  And SURPRISE, it has these fascinating fuchsia microflakies that almost create a duochrome effect.  Like Printemps, those extra touches that add even more beauty and dimension to a holo just make my heart beat a bit faster when I see them. ;)

Maleficent is the super stunner on the right; the listing on her Bigcartel site calls it an electric blue with a splash of holo, but in person I honestly feel like it's a blurple.  Which I think makes me love it even more!  In some lights, it definitely is pure electric blue, then in others, I think is has to be purple... so shifty! 

SO, ladies and gents, the biggest question now is: WHICH ONE DO I WEAR FIRST?!?!?  Please PLEASE leave a comment and help me decide!  P.S. I do have Strawnana on right now, so that is off le table. ;)  I hope you enjoyed this haul and shared in the excitement with me, and I also hope that you show a new-to-you indie brand some love, whether it be one of these three, or maybe even one I've never heard of!

Aaaand and Emily Extra, brought to you by my famous movie line loving mind!!  


  1. Five full minutes you stated slack jawed at your new polish, eh? :) I can't say I haven't spent the same amount of time ogling certain pretties (Fantasy Fire comes immediately to mind). I'm still tripping a bit over a lettuce scent that smells like fresh cut grass ;) I do find it interesting, those of us who are oil devotees and those of us (myself included) who prefer butters. Melissa is indeed a special lady (as are you <3<3). I say Printemps next! And I love that "Minnesota nice" is a thing. There's no such thing where I'm from, sadly.

    1. Oookay, you got me! it probably wasn't a full five minutes... I think maybe the beauty of the polish made time stand still!! hehe ;) Fantasy Fire definitely looks ogle-worthy to me!! I guess I wouldn't peg it as spot-on fresh cut grass, but something "of that ilk," to quote you. :) Side note: I forgot how much I like the word "ilk"...not only does it remind me of my favorite drink, it's a much more fun way to say "kind." :P
      Hmm I guess you're right... I've kinda gravitated towards oils because so many indies sell them & it's fun to try different kinds & scents. I do have my trusty Burt's Bees too, and I WILL pick up Lemony Flutter the next time I'm at the MOA! Yes I couldn't agree more: Mel - and you - and Essie - and Dani - and Christine are very special ladies!!!! And awwww *warm fuzzies! Oh my I almost left the "w" off of "warm!" ARM FUZZIES! LOLOL I am just full of goofy word stuff tonight!
      And before I even read your comment, I had started to apply Printemps :O 'Twas meant to be!
      If you want to hear more about MN nice, check out this article. My VP friend at work got interviewed not too long ago. :) Maybe YOU should start "Oregon nice!!" :D