Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bear Pawlish: Awww! You Guys Made Me Ink!

You know how much I love a good holo!!!  So when I somehow stumbled upon Bear Pawlish last month, I knew a couple of Tennessee's pretties had to be mine.  I picked Maleficent (which will make an appearance as soon as Dani - aka From Polish, With Love - and I can plan our twinsie post) and Awww! You Guys Made Me Ink!  This polish was inspired by none other than the adorable octopus, Pearl, from Finding Nemo which is one of my all-time favorite movies.  :D
Perhaps it's worth mentioning that she's the only  octopus I find adorable; they quite honestly freak me out almost to the point of a phobia.  Not kidding, I've had "nightmares" about swimming in the ocean and getting one stuck on my leg!  LOLOL

So check out this awesome and sweet pink holo:

I still cannot get over the dreamy formula!  Two easy coats with fabulous dry time and no bubbling!!  And by no means does it turn into a silvery holo like the Color Club Halo Hues in the shade, BECAUSE...
If you think you detect a hint of fuchsia/pinky shimmer in the middle of the holo rainbows, I would say you are most certainly correct; the BASE is actually a micro flakie pink shimmer!  Imagine THAT!! :D  It's just so pretty!
The accent nail, as you can see is Shimmer Polish Sonia at three coats.  'Twas a lovely pairing in real life, but unfortunately, I have not yet figured out the trick to capturing the true beauty of Shimmers. :(  Gonna have to work on that because I got two more recently.

Here is my first-ever attempt at an underwater shot in hopes to really show that pink micro flakie.  I think it might've worked okay... obviously not the best quality ever, but you can see it!  And even some totally unexpected golden shiftiness! hehe
Oh and added bonus: a hint at the beauty of Sonia with her gold, iridescent, pink, and lavender hexes and micro glitters. :)

This being my very first experience with a totally new-to-me indie, I would rate it as a 10 out of 10!  The polish is amazing (totally worth the $10!), shipping time is very reasonable, and you can actually interact with the maker as she is very active in the Bear Pawlish Facebook group, as well as Swatch - tastic. :)  Definitely check out her Big Cartel, ladies and gents!!!!  And prepare to hold onto your nails as they just might be blown away!


  1. Um, yes we need a twinsie post on Maleficent ASAP!! How about this weekend? I will totally message you ;-) This polish is super gorgeous on you, so much so that you just enabled me to buy it!!! Oh and if you haven't checked out Eat My Unicorn Dust, you need to and you're welcome ;-) I love the underwater shot! I can totally see the pink micro flakes and that gold shift! It almost looks like a rose gold, too gorgeous!!! I'm so happy you threw me into the Swatch-tastic group because I wouldn't have found out about Bear Pawlish!!!!

    1. Tomorrow I will be gone ALL DAY, but Sunday, YES we should totally talk about it or JUST DO IT! LOL :P And is this a case of "you enable me, I enable you?!" hehe I will have to check that out sometime I guess. :) Oh just so you know, the gold shift was a total surprise and it actually doesn't do that in any other situation other than underwater, it seems. But the microflakies are totally evident in person and that alone gives it something extra special, IMO! Ohh you're welcome! I'm very glad you're in that group with me and also share a newfound indie love. :D