Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Challenge #7: Sweets

Remember the blank white canvases with an accent of neon sprinkles (aka Lush Lacquer Clowning Around) that I showed you in my previous post?  That was the springboard for this mani.   For a minute I considered skipping the "sweets" day, but then it would haunt me because I wouldn't truly be able to say I finished a challenge.  So I resigned myself to a boring mani that we've probably seen a hundred times; a smattering of lollipops & hard candy discs twisted in cellophane wrappers.  But wait, what do I have on my accent nail?  Neon candy-esque "sprinkles!"  And I have China Glaze neon jellies...hmm... I could totally do cupcakes with those, right?!  The answer: HECK YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

Of COURSE using neons also means none of the photos are going to be color-accurate, but I tried!  They're oh so bright and cheerful and NEON in real life! :D  The cupcakes were surprisingly easy and came out almost exactly how I'd envisioned them.  LOVE when that happens, don't you?

I was going to just do lines like realistic cupcake wrappers, but then I looked at one of my MoYou Suki stamping plates and saw all the cute little faces on foods.  Yup, everything looks cuter with a 'lil tiny smiley!

Poor pinkie cupcake looks like he has a shiner :(  Blame it on unsteady hands and a black striper brush + attempted coverup

A super fun "what I used" collage, courtesy of PicMonkey!! (and my creativity/effort, of course)  And you know what, I just realized the bottles are pretty darn color accurate!  WIN.

Clowning Around really was the inspiration for this mani, and I think it looks so awesome dabbed on the "frosting!"  I have a thing for neon glitters & own a fair few, but this one just might be my all-time favorite. :)  I wish I knew where to direct you to purchase it, but since their Etsy store went down due to the brand name conflict, I'm really not sure where to find them nor under what name. :-/  I'll be sure to update this post if I find something out. :)

And WOW I'm tired!  It's 3 am - imagine that! haha

Goodnight ladies!!!


  1. Happy cupcakes!!! Love them :-)!!!! What a great idea to use neons!!! And thanks for reminding me of Clowning Round, I need to wear it again :-)! You can get Lush Lacquer with MeiMei Signatures :-)

    1. Awww thank you! :D I must admit their little faces have made me smile all day today. :) Yes, I love me some neons - and especially the translucent neon glitters like so many polishes from Lush Lacquer. Ahh MeiMei's still has stock, hmm? I just really don't know what has happened to them after the deal with Lush Cosmetics (a la Lemony Flutter) saying their name was too close to theirs. :-/

  2. So cute! I am totally going to show the girls this when I get home:)

    1. Awww thanks hon!! I bet they'll be asking you to paint cupcakes on their nails... you just might be coerced into freehand nail art! HE HE HE. ;)