Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Challenge #10: Re-creation

Good evening, lovelies!! :)  Today was my 3rd 12-hour work day in a row, hence why no post "on time" last night... I managed to get the 1st coat of base colors on & promptly fell asleep.  Somehow I found the strength to complete the mani tonight - huge thanks go out to a homemade Big Train chai latte. ♥  At long last, I have re-created this fabulousness from the queen of glitter placement!  Mine is of course not nearly as good by a long shot, but for my very first attempt at what she does, I must say I'm rather pleased. :) ...mostly with the fact that I persevered!

I used: SinfulShine My Kryptonite (2 coats), Zoya Noot (2 coats), and OPI The Living Daylights (meticulously placed with an orange stick!), Duri Rejuvacote (base & topcoat), plus a thick layer of Seche Vite to seal and smooth the accent glitters.  I know, this is highly atypical of my lengthy, wordy posts but honestly my eyelids are about to close!  I promise I am going to come back and expand on this mani and probably add another pic or two, as well as discuss my finds & follies and with this technique. ;)


  1. Gorgeous Emly!!!! I love the whole package and cudos to your Patience and determination in placing the tiny whiny glitter mosaic like on your accent nail!!!

    1. Ohhh thank you SO much hon!!! :D I wish I'd been a little more accurate with my placement so that it would be more obviously a chevron pattern, like the inspiration mani. Oh well, I still like it and I'm glad you do too! I urge you to try this sometime... Paint All the Nails does a good job of explaining her technique and I think it works pretty darn well. I just need more practice. ;)

  2. OMG, great job!!!! I love this so much. I have picked up that OPI glitter so many times and then put it back. I love how unique the color combination is.