Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A blog post inspired mani

One lazy Saturday while perusing blog after blog (I realized that had become a hobby after about a month of Saturdays spending hours a day reading nail polish blogs!), I came across this awesome manicure on Chalkboard Nails' blog and knew I HAD to try it for myself one day.  I resisted buying Mi Fantasia (Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez collection) throughout a few Wal-Mart trips, but after seeing this, my resistance was over!  And, it was meant to be, because I happened across the LAST bottle in the store - not in its little display - but right before my eyes (literally) when I was picking up my standard makeup remover wipes. :-D  It was also my birthday present to me. :-)  So, without further ado, my attempt at duplicating CN's mani:

I wuv the teensy tiny OPI bottles!! :-D

Whoa flash!! Down boy!
I apologize for the poor photo quality and not terribly great color accuracy. :-/  I really need a better camera if I'm gonna keep doing this!

Chalkboard Nails used a nude for her base color, but since Mi Fantasia has such beautiful iridescent bar glitters, I decided it'd look great over OPI Can't Find My Czechbook.  My roommate got me a boxed set of 4 Euro Centrale minis for my bday!! :-D
So, this is two coats of CFMC with my attempt at a a freehand ruffian/gradient using Mi Fantasia, topped off with Seche Vite.  
I'm pretty sure I would've had better results using a chunk of a triangular foundation sponge to make the gradient because the dense glitter is sooo hard to put on nicely with the bottle brush.  On the other hand, the glitter payload is AWESOME for just painting your nails with solid, glittery goodness!  (I did that on my toes)

If you'd like to see the actual Chalkboard nails post where she does several gradient manicures using the glitters from the Selena Gomez collection, you can find that here:

P.S. I'm SOOO excited; after ruminating for a day, I just placed another order at the SillyLilyPolish Etsy shop (I got Pacific Fantasy & Paint Splatter), so rest assured they will be showcased as soon as I get them!!!!


  1. I need to try a glitter gradient. Love your "down boy" caption...LOL. I enjoy your writing style so much. You remind my of my blogger friend Liesl at Liesl Loves Pretty Things. I need to hook you two up! :)

    1. Hahaha! Glad I could make you laugh! As my "about me" states, it's one of my favorite things to do. :-) And thank you for the friend Michelle says my writing style is as if I were talking to someone, which I think makes for easy reading. :-)

  2. This is so beautiful! I love Can't Find My Czechbook and that silver glitter looks fabulous over it :) And your color accuracy's just fine, it looks like what I've got on my nails right now ;)

    1. Hi Liesl!! I hear great things about you from Essie - thank you for checking out and following my blog! I definitely need to check yours out. I usually spend most of my lazy Saturdays reading polish blogs, so rest assured I'll likely be poring over yours for a few hours tomorrow (or technically, today)!
      Oh, note on the glitter: it's actually more of a periwinkle color, with small opalescent bar glitters as well. :-) Google swatches of Mi Fantasia and you'll see what I mean! SO purty!