Monday, April 29, 2013

My first official "haul?!"

So I have been away for well over a week...pretty sure that is a big no-no in the blogging world... especially when you're just starting out. :-/  My apologies to my 5 followers!  I really felt bad leaving you ladies hanging!  I kept thinking I should maybe just do a quick post to say I wouldn't be posting for awhile, but obviously it never happened.  Last week was kinda crazy (compared to a standard week in my life!), and then over the weekend I was at my parents' house, and after placing my Zoya order (Earth Day exchange - woot woot!!!), I SHUT DOWN THEIR COMPUTER! :O  *gasp  ...not realizing they hadn't been shutting it down (contrary to their normal practices) as it apparently takes hours to turn back on.  Well, I might've killed it, because it did not come back on no matter what my dad tried.  :-S  Sorry mom & dad!!

I am home now, and I believe the next couple weeks should be pretty normal, so I'm gonna try my darndest to get a few good posts up this week!  I think I might be running the risk of committing another nail polish blog no-no with this one though: it's not gonna have any pictures. *double gasp!  I know what you're thinking.  How on earth can you have a post about a haul and NOT have pictures?!  Well, I intend to - just not tonight as it's almost 11pm and I don't think I can get very accurate photos without daylight.  That and I'm pretty tired.  The stress of having a root canal today kinda sapped my strength.  Fun times! (note the sarcasm)

Ok, enough blabbing and explaining - on to the haul! ;-)
This has been a long, drawn out haul, and it's still not over!!  Well, I suppose technically my Zoya "mini-haul" can be a haul onto itself.  I bought 9 polishes, but 4 of them are for my roommate as she is the one with the old, nasty polishes we can send in for the exchange. :-)  And one of mine doesn't really count as it's from the Pixie Dust collection (Vespa).
So what, you ask, have I gotten?  This is THE LIST:
Essie - Sand Tropez (from Essie @ iHeartPrettyPolish)
Julep - Trina (also Essie - thanks again for the surprise!!)
Silly Lily Polish - Paint Splatter
Silly Lily Polish - Pacific Fantasy
Color Club - Alias (blog sale item from Amanda at The Nail Polish Enthusiast)
Darling Diva - Rescue Me (also from Amanda's sale)
MatteseElite - Attitude (a surprise from Amanda!! :-D)  *side note: these n.p. blog ladies are really SO kind!!
Hare Polish - Let Them Eat...What? (Llarowe order)
Jindie Nails - Fantastical (Llarowe order)
Hits Speciallita Mari Moon - Super Cute (Llarowe)
Hits Speciallita Mari Moon - So Unique (Llarowe)

WHEW!!!!!!!  Looking at that list, I feel like a nail polish glutton! ...or something like that?  But hey, I'm sharing the beauty - I did a mani for my bestie on Saturday with Pacific Fantasy over OPI Can't Find my Czechbook, and I believe she was pretty thrilled by it. :-)  We even took some pics (with her camera 'cuz I forgot mine at my parents' house) so those will be forthcoming as she is on her way to California tomorrow!! :-D  Gotta say, using Pacific Fantasy WAS rather fitting, no? ;-)

Ok, before I end this post, I HAVE to gush about the Hare Polish!!!! I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS!  The swatches (and OF COURSE the cute little rabbit on the bottle) captivated me right away, and it certainly does not disappoint.  I've put two coats on my bare thumbnail (no basecoat nor color underneath) and it has amazing coverage despite the whitish crelly microshimmer base, and the bigger glitters are so beautiful: the bright orange is a surprising touch, but it somehow works, the small gold squares and tiny flecks? are so GOLD (makes it look very rich), and the small pale pink matte hexes finish it beautifully.  This polish stands out, but is "neutral" and demure at the same time. Perfect for wearing to work!  I'm pretty sure I'll be staring at my nails all day tomorrow as I'm typing away! ;-)  Also, the formula itself is lovely and dry time is super short for a polish with this much of a glitter payload.  The glitter lays nice and flat on your nail and feels smooth enough to the touch that I really could forego my Seche Vite. WOW. :-D  So needless to say, I'm fairly certain that this is one indie polish that any lacquerhead should probably go out (onto the world wide web) and purchase right away!

I also need to brag on these Hits polishes - they are stunning!  Super Cute may be one of the most captivating polishes I've gotten my hands on. I urge you to look up swatches as I'm sure they'll be better than whatever I post.  It's a multichrome with a pretty decent linear holographic to boot! WOW as well.  So Unique is also very pretty, but I don't think the multichrome is as obvious.  I'll hafta re-evaluate once I actually get SU on my nails over a black base (always helps the multichrome come out & play! ;-) which happens to be something I learned from a blog.)  Ok, I think this is a big enough novel, especially with no pictures to break it up. :-(  My apologies!  I will be taking some glamour shots of this haul tomorrow, and my Let Them Eat...What? mani - of COURSE! :-D


  1. Sooo the awesome thing about having a blog is that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and we'll be here :) I had a w things I wanted to say but then you said Hits Mari Moon and I got all excited for you :) I can't wait to see pictures! You should get yourself a lightbox and/or ottlite, then you can take pictures of your nails all the time, lol! Have an awesome day, and than for th fun post!!

    1. I know...I just feel like there's an expectation of posts practically every day. :-/
      Hahaha! Yup, those Hits polishes are mind-blowingly stunning! I cannot wait to wear them. I know, I really big are they though? Where I live right now, I really only have a tiny bedroom and it is packed to the gills as it is. :-(
      Thank you for the very kind comment, and you have an awesome day as well!!

  2. YAY! I have been checking for another post from you. Oh, and two of your followers are me, hahaha...I followed you and then I started my own blog a few days later, so I followed you again. That makes me doubly excited for you! Either that or a split personality. :P Can't wait to see your pictures! :)

    1. Awww, thank you! Makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside to know that someone was actually eager for me to post again. :-) Being a new blogger yourself, I'm sure you can understand that feeling!
      Hahaha! I was kinda wondering if those two Melissas were the same was awfully hard to tell from the teensy tiny picture on the Friend Connect widget. ;-)
      Thanks for reading! I just followed your blog and will definitely be frequenting it!

  3. No worries about your absence. Like Liesl said, you can do whatever the heck you want. It's your blog!!! I'm excited to see posts of all of the polishes you got:) Have a great day!