Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hare Polish Anemone Gardens

I am quite ashamed to admit today is the first day I've even looked at my own blog in almost a month and a half.  NOT good!  My browser didn't even remember the URL anymore!  Although that has more to do with the fact my laptop got wiped clean and restored than the lack of viewing.  Yes, that is part of the reason I've been MIA for so long... all of a sudden, I could not get past the login/startup screen and kept receiving an error message about my profile not being able to load.  Thankfully, my brother's friend is a whiz with all things computer related, so he took a look at it and determined there was a couple errors in the hard drive (whatever that means!) and also thankfully, it didn't have a virus.  So he recommended a total wipe.  Oy.  I was a bit nervous, what with having all my precious photos stored on my laptop alone, but he double-backed them up and everything seems to be back in order. :)  Thank you, Adam!!! (I bought him a giant bottle of Captain and a 2 liter of Diet Coke as a thank you, since guys seem to most appreciate something they can eat or drink and I wasn't about to cook for him)

Aside from that, I've actually had a real live social life for a change!  It is SO strange to go from hardly ever hanging out with friends to almost always having something to do. :)  Here's a photo of my two awesome new buddies:

Annette & Janette

Together, we make the 3 Amigas! :) hehe
Hehe! Can you tell they're sisters?  No, not twins, they're actually 7 yrs apart, and you're really not going to believe this: we were celebrating Annette's 51st birthday this day! :O  I know, right?! She looks maybe 40!  Which means Janette looks about 29-30. They really are such sweet, incredible ladies and I'm incredibly blessed  to know them.  OH and did I mention they invited me to go to Mexico with them in February?!?!?!  The countdown is at 7 weeks, 2 days. Yes, we really are doing a countdown, you can check it out here if you wanna be excited with me. ;)
So anyways, that's another aspect to my absence!

But since this is primarily a polish blog, I suppose you'd like to see one, huh?  This is one of the last polishes I wore before my nails became all different lengths and I cut them down to nubs.  I give you another fabulous Hare Polish creation: Anemone Gardens!!!

Lookit that amazing jelly & glitter goodness!! L♥VE.
From the second I saw her swatches of it, I knew I was going to buy it at the announced release.  And I did.

Anemone Gardens always makes me think of Nemo desperately trying to pronounce "anemone."  hehehe he's soooo cute!  I hope you all know what I'm referring to, but if not, here's the clip:

Most of the photos I've seen of AG make it look like a cool-toned purple/fuchsia when IRL, it's a much warmer fuchsia almost magenta, more like the color of the circle glitters.  I suppose it has an element of neon to it, hence the issue with capturing the color correctly.  Neons don't play nice!

I love the "glowing blue shimmer" you can clearly see here!  Some reviews said it wasn't very noticeable, but to me it sure is.  Nikole's polishes are so interesting and usually have a lot going on - in a good way.  Some indies I've seen & used to love have taken it to the extreme and there is just too much "stuff" on the nail, in my opinion.  Hare has a wonderful balance.
The other nice thing about Hare Polish is despite having good-sized glitters, they are pretty darn smooth when dry, and this was no exception!  I used two coats over the two coats of OPI's Care to Danse? that I happened to have on when this arrived. :)  

I believe I used one coat of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure topcoat, but I can't be sure... oops!  I guess that's what you get for doing a post 2 months after a mani! :P
Okay, I have to include this pic... Previously, I'd only ordered Hare Polish on Llarowe, but this time I purchased directly from her Etsy store as AG was a brand-new release.  Look at the other adorable bunnies she uses to personalize her packages!

I especially love the "Hare Mail" pun. hehe! :D

And of course, the adorable bunny on the bottle... baby. ;)

I really don't know what else to say about this polish: if you love purple toned polish, circle glitter, high-quality polish, fun color combos, and adorable packaging; this is the polish for you!!  I was just perusing Hare's Etsy shop, and there are some new holiday collections that look mighty interesting as well.  Oh dear. Credit card, prepare to be charged!


  1. Welcome back! I have missed you. And you came back with a bang and this polish is amazing!!!! And such long nails :) Gorgeous!

    1. Awww thank you, dear! Well technically, this is an old mani that I finally blogged about. My nails are nowhere near this amazing right now. :( They're all nubs. But YES, Anemone Gardens IS amazing!! :D GET IT!