Sunday, November 10, 2013

Holo back, girl!!

Ahhhahaha!! :D  A strange title, I know, but there's a story behind it.  I wish I could find the email thread or the Facebook message & copy it verbatim; alas, I've searched to avail! :(  I know it had something to do with this:

I sent it to Liesl & Essie, and somewhere in the ensuing discussion of this hilarious sticker, Liesl said something about being a holo back girl, or I guess that makes me a holo back girl - oh YES, that's what it was! Liesl said she'd  bring holos  back, so "I guess that makes me a holo back girl." :D hahaha!  (And yes, I'm listening to "Sexy Back" right now ;) But ON TO THE HOLO!

My friends, I give you Born Pretty Store's holo #12!!!!! Isn't it just AMAZING?! :D  This is a super saturated dark green leaning teal linear (obviously) holo. :)  I was debating long & hard over which one to get when I placed my order, and this one seemed to be the most unique shade from the many blog posts I perused.  Upon actually getting it on my nails, I would have to agree.  I've never seen such a shade as a strong linear holo!  Well, maybe there are some indie brands that have done it, but no other "mainstreamers."

HOLY HOLO FLASH!!! :D hehe  Yeah, I maybe shoulda adjusted the brightness here, but JUST LOOKIT THAT FULL RAINBOW!  Ahh holos make me so happy. ♥ do many other things & especially people in my life, but on my nails, nothing quite compares to a stunning holo, IMO. 
This was two coats over OPI Nail Envy.  The formula was super easy to apply & drying time was quick to average.  If I recall correctly, I only put topcoat on my pointer to try & get rid of a sheet mark, and as you can see, the other nails are just as shiny without a topcoat. :D

Ah yes, the size: my one & only complaint about this polish!  I do not know why I am categorically awful at paying attention to bottle sizes, so just like when I ordered my Jade Delirio Rosa & thought I was getting a good deal, I made the same "mistake" here.  The super macro shot makes it look huge, but wow is a 6 mL bottle tiny ! :O  So I will have to use this one sparingly. I paid $5.59, which when you work it out, a full-size Dance Legend or Enchanted would've been about the same price!  Oh well, I'm glad I have holo #12 in my life, despite the technically hefty price tag. :)  What really blows my mind is that their holos were "marked down" from $12.88!  Now THAT is outrageous for 6 mL!

*blue holo center* ;D

As far as wear time, I probably shouldn't be too critical because as you may recall, I didn't use topcoat on all my nails. Which was most likely why I only got about a day and a half of wear before some serious chippage took place. :-/ Lesson learned, ladies! Always use topcoat (unless it's a texture! haha), even if the polish is uber glossy on its own.  I seem to forget that a topcoat's purpose is not only to lend the glossy finish, but to PROTECT & serve - like a policeman/woman. ;)

As I'm sure you have seen, Born Pretty Store Holo Polish #12 is quite the looker, sultry & shifting from a medium, brighter teal in the sun (aka a daylight bulb + flash), to a rich forest green teal, to very dark "blackened" teal. :D  I regrettably didn't think to take pics of what it looks like in the shade or our nasty fluorescent bulbs at work, so I guess a word picture will have to suffice!  It's a rather flat (yet still interesting!) forest green with holo particles appearing as microscopic silver flecks.  Reminds me of a pine tree with frost on it:

**All credit for this image goes to shirley - behind the lens

I felt it appropriate to include this imagery as we got our first honest-to-goodness snowfall here yesterday, and although only vestiges remain (thanks to this morning's sun), I'm sure it won't be long before this area looks just like the above photo. :)  If only shoveling & frozen nose hairs didn't have to come along with it!!

Another thing that made yesterday special was spending the majority of the day (& night!) with two very special new friends of mine, Janette & Annette (yes, they're sisters).  While I was sleeping in, they were hard at work, putting in overtime in the warehouse for the company where the three of us work.  They finished at noon & invited me to lunch at our local Chinese buffet, which was tasty & as always, replete with laughter. :)  
Annette: "Where did you get a knife?!  I've always said they should really give us knives, and here we've been stuffing whole chunks of broccoli in our mouths for years!"  
Me: "Uhh, back there... in the silverware tray at the end of the buffet bar?"
Maybe you had to be there, and it'd help if you knew these two, but trust me  - it was hilarious! :D

After lunch, sadly, Janette had to head home to play hostess to their hunting party - it was deer hunting season opener this weekend - but Annette & I headed over to the craft fair that allows the ladies that don't go hunting to have some fun doing what we do best (shopping) while the guys are out freezing their butts off all day.  I think we got the better deal. ;)
Then later, Annette invited me & my Kali puppy over to her house for a wine & movie night!  Lots more laughter and stories shared, sitting cozily nestled in front of a fireplace, sipping homemade apple cider (after my wine-ometer had maxed out - at 1 glass!), in the beautiful home of a dear, sweet friend. ♥  These are the moments that make it a wonderful life. :)  
Find them or make them happen, recognize & treasure them!


  1. I think you're an absolute sweetie pie. <3

    And as for the polish, it's just lovely. There is something about a holo that is even more special when it's green. So much for "it's not easy being green", huh? :P And your nails are getting long again!

    1. Awwww thank you Melissa! And so are you - like sweet potato pie!! :D That's a southern thing, right? I think I'd like to try it. :)
      Anyhoo, yes it surely is a purty, purty holo that easily lives the greenish life. :P LOL Well, except for my thumb, as you can see...and I must be really good at hiding the fact that my pinkie is sloped down to the right because the side broke off from typing. The same phenomenon just happened to the LEFT side of my pointer, because my nails make quite a "C" shape as they grow out & those two sides hit the keyboard ALL DAY LONG. :( So all that to say, they're having some issues getting long!!

  2. Lolol!! It is highly awesome that you're able, months after the fact, to work that gem of a conversation into a post :D I'm glad you had such a lovely day with your friends. Indeed, times like those are good for the soul. Makes me wish we all lived closer together :) Meow that holo... From the first shot of it you posted on fb, it's reminded me of the magnificent a-England Saint George. This holo flashes more rainbow than the latter and both are just gorgeoussss! Not a terribly common holo shade, and special when you can find one, even a tiny, overpriced one :)

    1. Also, I now have Lovestoned in my head.

    2. Hehe! I'm just glad I finally remembered how it went! :P I seriously spent a long time looking for that darn elusive FB message or email. It was a lovely day for sure. :) And I seriously wish we all lived close by as well! Preferably all together near you or Melissa...not so much here in my & Essie's frozen tundra! LOL
      "Meow that holo!" hahaha! :P Glad you are lovin' it...I guess I need to go Google Saint George. Yes, I do agree, despite the size & price it was worth it!!
      P.S. I have no idea what Lovestoned is. :-/

    3. It's another Justin Timberlake song, lol. Possibly the only other one I'm actually aware of. I have it on my ipod running mix, lol.

    4. Ahhh! I must say I had no idea that it was a JT song... lolz! I'm horrible with artists and song names!

  3. Wow, that conversation was sooo long ago! Great memory:) Loved your little chinese buffet story....I actually get annoyed by the big piece of broccoli too! LOL. Side Note: Beautiful nail polish.

    1. Yes, it really was a LONG time ago! With my poor memory, I'm also a bit stunned that I remembered it (finally!), but humor does tend to "make things stick." :)
      Hehehe! I hear ya! Although I love the broccoli chicken stuff, those big pieces make me think twice about taking some from time to time. :P I usually fish for the smaller ones. ;)
      Glad you love the polish!! It IS pretty fabulous! I could totally see you wearing it.