Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cheap Thrills, part 2 -- Nail mail? NOPE. Nail fail.

Oi.  I hate when what seems like a great mani idea in your head turns out to be a total wreck.  That's what happened here, unfortunately.  At the time I bought it, I obviously did not know that one of my three Fing'rs Heart 2 Art polishes had the consistency of quik-set cement.  Nor did I have my Seche Restore at that time. SO this is what came of it:

What you see here is Fing'rs Set in Rhine-Stone, Sinful Colors 24/7, and Hit Polish Companion Cube on the accent nail, plus a sticker/decal thingie from the Heart 2 Art Travel pack.  
Set in Rhine-Stone was just so messy & was nearly impossible to do a thin coat, because giant gobs of polish kept sliding down the long brush stem (remember the bottles are almost identical to Julep's), and when I did get a thin coat, it was insanely patchy.  
Also, it felt like it dried super fast, but yet, it took FOREVER once the nail was covered.  Maybe it's more accurate to say it got tacky really fast, which made multiple brush strokes & self-leveling out of the question.  Hence the strange ridges & layer-y looking areas. I didn't even bother to put on a top coat on all my nails because I knew this would be coming off later that evening.  I'm sure a TC would have made things look a lot better, but I was so disgusted I couldn't even make myself give it a try.

24/7 was nice & easy to work with, and holy moly is it ever an amazing neon pink!  I love it!  It's more of a light, chalky yet very TRUE neon pink.  I really should show it next to Kleancolor's Neon Pink.  24/7 it what I really wanted all along; I just didn't know it.  Of course though, true to form for neons, it is not photographing well.
-_-  Grr.

I thought the sticker thingies were actually going to be more like those water decals I've read about on misc. blogs, but alas, they're more of just a standard sticker which have never worked for me in the past.  However in the past, I did not know what a top coat was, let alone that such a thing as Seche Vite existed.  So I slapped on a heavy coat of SV, and what did I get?  A sinking sticker.  And a bubbling glob of SV that wasn't so "vite" any more, apparently, since I mooshed it on something which only added to the failing mess.

Oooh!  Here you can get a better idea of the awesomeness that is Sinful Colors 24/7!  And the fact that my nails are all long, shapely, and the cutes are neat & moisturized.  Ahhh I miss those days!  My nails seriously ARE NOT GROWING now & despite a million cuticle oil and balm applications a day, they're still dry & hangnail-y. :-(
P.S. I really debated about this photo because it's an awkward pose, but meh, whatevs!  If it disturbs you: look away!!! ;-)

Hit Polish's Companion Cube was a fun grey jelly with pink hearts, medium silver holo hexes, & medium matte black hexes.  This was one coat, with a bit of the dab & spread method.  Hit Polish seriously has a TON of amazing polishes with more creations being added all the time.  I have a few others (like Lullaby) that are just gorgeously fun, and Concrete Jungle is on my wishlist.  Check out for all your bank account draining needs! ;-)

So, there you have it, ladies.  I gave it an honest-to-goodness try!  And now I have to go to bed because reliving the ishyness has worn me out.  And I do have to get up for work in about 5 hours.

Goodnight!!  And SMILE! v  :-D


  1. I love this manicure! Even though the polish was awful to work with, it still looks great in the pictures! I am falling in love with that Hit Polish. It's going on my wishlist NOW! Oh, and 24/7 is my favorite neon pink. I'm glad you like it as much as me!

    1. Awww, thank you Clare! I guess in this case, the photos hid some of the glaring imperfections that I saw IRL.
      Hit Polish IS really great! I have a couple other glitter toppers and Lullaby, which is a fab white creme with purty glitters. Concrete Jungle is the one that's on MY wishlist! ;-)
      24/7 lovers unite!! haha! And the price can't be beat, that's for sure. I need something to help balance out the $$ I shell out for indies. ;-)

  2. LOLOL...I'm sitting here chuckling at your hilariousness. But I'm with Clare...I like this. You know I'm not the nail art type, but this is really cute, and I love the decals. That IS a lovely pink. :)

    1. Really?! Thank you, Melissa! It means a lot coming from you, the queen of humor!! I'm glad you liked the combo; in my mind, it was meant to be really cute. I just wish the polishes had helped me carry out my vision a little better! :-/
      Yup, if you want a neon pink (that you DON'T have to put over white) for a SUPER low price, get 24/7 right now!

  3. It looks cute, but sounds like a nightmare! How in the heck did you do that last pose? With your mouth? Or was there a little roommate help??? :) That puppy pic is sooo cute! LOL

    1. Thank you, Essie!! :-D Uh yeah, I was super annoyed by it. :-/
      Hahaha! You would be correct! I think she thought I was nuts, (then again, they're pretty used to my polish obsession by now, since I'm constantly shoving my nails in their face!) but she did agree to take a few shots for me. ;-) Hehe, yesss I'm loving GIF's...and his cute lil ear flapping in the airstream!